Function Order: Fe-Ni-Se-Ti

John’s go-to weapon of choice is emotional appeals, because he knows exactly what to say to everyone to make them like him and cut him a break. He is flattering and charming to Captain Amelia, assuring her that he will keep Jim Hawkins quite busy and out of trouble. To Jim, he encourages him and tells him all about the great future he has ahead of him, that he has untapped potential and should reach it. (This causes Jim and he to fall out later, when Jim assumes he didn’t mean it, and only said that to make a friend of him – as it turns out, John meant it.) Around the crew, he plays up being a rough, scurrilous, manipulative pirate so that they won’t move against Jim prematurely. He insists on holding to the plan and reminds them to stick to it, even though later on he throws it aside and becomes more impulsive. John becomes so fond of the boy, though it pains him to give up his life’s quest to obtain the treasure, he chooses to save his life rather than hold onto the treasure. When Jim catches him sneaking away, he defends his decision to escape and not serve a sentence for criminal activities by insisting his wee shape-shifting friend Morph wouldn’t do well in prison. Then seeing how attached Morph is to Jim, he leaves him behind, giving him permission and an “assignment” to look after the boy. John throws over his idea of sticking to his plan (getting the treasure, and waiting to mutiny until the right time) to be impulsive, when it becomes apparent that the captain suspects them of treachery. But he also insists his friends not shoot down Jim and his friends, because “then we won’t get the map,” it will be destroyed (in reality, he just cares about Jim too much to see him killed). He actively works to change Jim’s mind about him and reassure him that their friendship is real, even though it doesn’t benefit him to do so beyond his own peace of mind.

Enneagram: 7w8 so/sp

John is an incredibly likable pirate, because he’s so fun-loving, good-natured, and able to convince others of his goodness, to conceal his more diabolical nature. He remains cheerful and optimistic, even despite incredible setbacks – such as after losing the treasure he’s worked much of the last decade to obtain, he shrugs it off and says something better will come along. In his optimism, he tries to convince Jim to come with him on grand adventures, where they will both make a name for themselves – but then freely lets go of Morph and sails off to undetermined places. His 8 wing shows up in his dealing with the pirates. He’s harsh with them, commanding, has to be in control over them, and fights for dominance among them, in part to keep Jim and himself safe. But he softens up and becomes more amenable over time to the idea of protecting Jim, rather than exploiting his friendship.

This character was typed for a reader, per their paid request.