Function Order: Ne-Ti-Fe-Si

Dracula is something of a “crackpot inventor” according to his son Herman, who is always thinking about how his next great invention or feat of magic is going to change the universe forever. He gets most excited at the notion of creating a machine that will allow him to cheat on elections by magically making sure all other machines slot in his cast ballot, although he has no real practical sense of how to make this happen – and winds up simply drowning Herman in bath water instead. Instead of thinking up practical ways for Marilyn to meet nice men, he decides to come up with a love potion to help it all along. He is often either practicing magic in the basement, coming up with new spells, or tinkering on his inventions, but is also highly emotionally reactive, easily insulted at the thought of being excluded, and somewhat oblivious to appropriate manners – he is so deeply aggrieved at not being invited to a party down the block, he pouts until his daughter agrees to call and request an invitation for him. Then at the party, he flirts with various women and insults them when he feels bored. He has a fascination with “the good old days, where people greeted you with torches and pitchforks,” often waxes poetic about his previous lives, feels quite proud of all the famous dead historical figures he has met (such as Jack the Ripper and Napoleon, and remains attached to his many deceased wives, enough that he makes it a regular point to visit them.

Enneagram: 7w8 sx/sp

Dracula has had 178 wives over the course of his long lifespan, and remains on good terms with all of them – he visits the graves of the dead ones, and the undead ones all the same. He is playful, ambitious, and scheming, often talking up his masterful skills of conjuring and invention, even though many of these schemes backfire and/or wind up causing problems. He refuses to take responsibility for any of his actions, instead persistently living in denial that he has caused trouble of some sort (in a desire to get his great-niece married off, he puts a potion in the morning cereal, not realizing it will get fed to his daughter and her husband as well, and make them ‘desirable’ to everyone in the neighborhood). Though good-natured, he isn’t above cheating on elections to make sure they go his way, sinking his teeth into rivals (and feeling tempted to do the same to their neighbors), or having occasional fits of temper.

Note: I wasn’t able to watch enough episodes to type Eddie properly (most of the ones I saw didn’t give him much to do other than hide in cupboards and roar), but he seems to be an IFP 9w8 like his father.