Chowder just wants to have a good time. He saves up his money to buy a basketball so they can play out in DJ’s yard, he eagerly anticipates dressing up and going trick or treating (and is disappointed when DJ says they’re too old for that), and is quick to react whenever he thinks they’re under threat. He comes up with some crazy ideas of his own, but also improvises well in the moment. He has never driven a bulldozer before, but manages to figure out how the controls work and courageously distracts the monster house for his friends, tearing into it and drawing her away so they can plant the bomb. Inside the house, he blunders around, becomes excited upon noticing his ball—and goes after it, never thinking it’s a trap to lure him away from his friends so the house can digest him. He sees something moving in the shadows and demand they shoot it with their water guns, before he’s had time to really think about what it is (he says that’s the heart, but Jenny points out it’s the gag reflex). Rather than use the bathroom, he suggests they pee in a bottle so as not to leave their post overnight. He falls for Jenny immediately having seen her, and goes out to impress her. Chowder is somewhat emotional, good-natured, and considerate, but also unaffected by DJ’s opinions about the house until he sees strange and surreal behavior for himself. He doesn’t seem to think much beyond the obvious, though he will contribute to their plans.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sp

Chowder just wants to have fun and looks forward to holidays such as Halloween, since it’s the chance to dress up and get free candy. He’s forward and confident, approaching Jenny assuming she will like him (because he finds her attractive) and denying any bad behaviors that might repulse her. Chowder begs DJ to come outside and play, to go trick or treating with him, etc., and spends a lot of his time entertaining himself, cracking jokes, and even is easily distracted and amused inside the monster house’s basement when he discovers the thousands of toys the house has confiscated over the years. But it doesn’t take much to turn him into a scaredy cat. Once he witnesses weird stuff, he camps out overnight with DJ to spy on the house through the telescope and refuses to even leave to use the bathroom. He warns everyone to stay away, frets about it eating kids on Halloween, and often runs away screaming in terror. He’s not willing to go and get his ball once it rolls on the lawn, for fear of what might happen.