Function Order: Te-Si-Ne-Fi

Jenny is fabulously logical and down to earth, compared to the more innovative boys. When she turns up on DJ’s porch selling candy for her school, and runs into the babysitter, she quickly negotiates a good plan – how about if you have $30 emergency money, you give me $20, write it down as $30, and pocket the other ten? Then she negotiates from there. She relies on scientific and medical knowledge of the body to draw conclusions about the house, such as suggesting that it digests people and so that thing swinging over their head caused it to have a gag reflex (using the medical term). When she thinks how the house might be dangerous for the kids on Halloween, she suggests they get the police involved. This is all after her own dangerous experience with the house, which ate her wagon and most of her candy. She’s seen what it can do and uses that information to compel her into proactive action to take the house down. Jenny goes for the most straight forward solutions most of the time, but also is willing to brainstorm ideas, try some creative tricks, and improvise when necessary. She keeps her feelings mostly out of things, but also develops an affection for the boys. She parts from them with a hug and a promise to stay friends.

Enneagram: 3w2 sp/so

Jenny wants to be successful at whatever she does, which means bending the rules a little bit when dealing with the babysitter to get what she wants (sell some candy, pocket some cash). She boldly goes door to do, convinced she can sell candy and doesn’t mind talking to anyone or negotiating. She’s confident and brave, good at improvising, and shows less fear than her new friends, although she does become more apprehensive under stress. She feels it’s her responsibility to look after kids she doesn’t even know, by killing the monster house in order to save them. Jenny doesn’t feel she can stand aside and let anyone else get hurt without doing something to stop it. She easily befriends the kids, encourages them, and is warmly appreciative of them throughout their journey. When DJ is scared, she tells him she has faith in him and kisses him on the cheek for luck.