DJ believes in something no one else does, and he’s right – that the house across the street is ‘evil,’ and is watching him. He persists in this belief enough it impacts his behavior, in his refusal to set foot on the neighbor’s lawn for fear of what the house might do. Initially, however, he leaps to the wrong assumption – when the house calls and watches him after he presumably kills his neighbor, DJ assumes his neighbor’s ghost is haunting the house. He and his friends discover through trial and error (when their neighbor shows up alive) that this is wrong; Nebbercracker is merely the caretaker, and trying to control the evil entity in the house. DJ reasons that to kill the house they must discover its heart (furnace) and put out the “fire.” He pieces things together as he goes, coming up with creative ways to trick the house (like sending a fake kid trick or treating to the front step, but it’s actually a vacuum cleaner full of cold medicine; he thinks this will cause the house to fall asleep, so they can enter safely). Once he finds Mr. Nebbercracker’s wife’s tomb buried in the basement (encased in cement), he realizes they were wrong, and she is haunting the house. He keeps meticulous notes about what the house is doing, spying on it all night long and comparing new and former experiences (the house always does this; this is outside its normal pattern!). His inferior Fe feels pressured to ‘grow up’ and be an ‘adult’ enough that he insists they not go trick or treating this year, much to Chowder’s disappointment, until after their ordeal, when he realizes this is stupid. They’ve earned it!

Enneagram: 6w5 sp/so

DJ is suspicious of his neighbor and what happens in that house, apprehensive about anything he has never before encountered, and over-cautious. He hesitates to chase Chowder’s ball across the lawn, even when nothing immediately bad happens. He warns the police to be careful and wants to rely on them to keep the neighborhood safe at one point. He arms himself with weapons (squirt guns) and hides in trash cans as part of his plan. He’s cautious once they get ‘digested’ into the house and warns his friends not to make any loud noises. But he also comes up with some pretty wild ideas – I mean, an evil house? And he believes it. His 5 wing is strong enough to help him believe in what’s possible, rather than what’s practical, and build up fears based around it.