Claudia is highly emotional and follows her impulses wherever they lead; she’s also easily offended. It angers her that she will never grow up and she rightfully blames Lestat for having done this to her, reasoning that Louis has spoken to her of his family, so he must have been mortal before Lestat. She hates Lestat so much, she destroys him, then can’t understand Louis’ anguish and rage over what she has done. As soon as she fears Louis might leave her, Claudia goes out into Paris and finds a woman who has lost her daughter, then convinces her become a vampire so she will have a companion. She often acts immediately, for decisive ends – to kill Lestat for what he did to her and Louis, or in removing herself and Louis from Armand’s presence when she senses him as a threat. She realizes she cannot survive without her companions, so forgives Louis for his role in her death and becoming an immoral, saying they are “locked together in hatred.” Claudia lives mostly for the moment, as observed in her childhood impulses – she has a ravenous hunger and is indiscriminate in where she feeds, thinking no more about tomorrow than beyond this moment. Together, Louis says, she and Lestat finished off entire families. A pinprick on her seamstress leads to draining her dry; she also kills her piano teacher, a doll maker, and various people by luring them in off the street to feel sympathy for her. Lestat warns her to be more careful, lest she expose them or contaminate their environment, but she simply doesn’t care. Claudia sees and wants to become a voluptuous and sensual woman; when she realizes she cannot have this, she entices and kills that woman, then leaves her to rot in her room to punish Lestat. She’s incredibly opportunistic and quick to react; very shortly after her terrible quarrel with Lestat, she decides to kill him and takes immediate steps to find two children, drug them with laudanum, kill them, and trick Lestat into drinking their blood. She then slits his throat and has Louis throw his body into a swamp. When he comes seeking revenge, she and Louis escape abroad, where she gives in to her many sensual desires (purchasing gowns, going to the theater, enjoying the night life, and dancing until dawn). Claudia tells Louis that Armand spoke to her without words, and she understood his soul – she senses that he wants Louis and would endanger her to get him. She is insightful into Armand, sensing him as a threat and the attraction between him and Louis, but it took her thirty years to wonder where she came from, how she came to be, to notice she has not changed, and to ask questions about Louis giving her a doll “always on the same night of the year.” She also doesn’t think about the consequences of her early actions – who will finish her dress, teach her to play the piano, or whether people might notice bodies piling up around her. Once Louis meets Armand, Claudia becomes paranoid and obsessive about protecting herself for the future, by gaining a new companion out of the certainty that Louis will abandon her.

Enneagram: 8w7 sx/sp

Claudia sees absolutely no reason to check any of her impulses. She feeds on whomever she likes, whenever she likes, and engages in aggressive tactics with Lestat for dominance. She hates that he dresses her up and treats her like a doll, and has hedonistic tantrums in which she kills and leaves women to rot in her bed, chops off all her hair, screams at him and Louis, and even strikes Lestat across the face, drawing blood as she demands to know “which one of you did this to me!” When it becomes apparent that Lestat is to blame for the fact that she will never mature in body as she has done so in mind, Claudia decides it’s time to “leave him,” and manipulates him into drinking dead blood so she can slit his throat. She sees Armand as a rival, and believes Louis is going to leave her, so she demands he create a protector and companion for her, so she won’t be alone. Claudia tries to rationalize away all of her callous decisions, saying Lestat deserved it. She has a great many “impulses” that Louis gives into without complaint, as she enjoys the finer things in life and takes whatever she wants.