Edward has lost his creator, the man responsible for bringing him to life, and who promised to give him hands so that he could be normal, something he desperately wants. We see his intense internal anguish over this man’s death through flashbacks and moments of solitude, but he never talks about it to anyone, other than to say “he won’t wake up.” These moments of sadness haunt him even surrounded by happy and affirming people; though he welcomes new friends and likes the attention, Edward is still deeply grieving. He is sensitive, fearful of causing others to dislike him or earning their disapproval, and easily upset. A highly creative man, he sees unusual things he can do with his scissor hands and does them, from giving poodles interesting haircuts to designing weird hairstyles for every woman in town, to trimming shrubs into particular designs. Edward mostly hones his creativity to specific things and related areas, but also dreams of being normal and having hands, even if it would make him unable to earn a living off his creativity. He learns how to do things quickly, but is also a bit impressionable; he doesn’t think Kim and her friends might be lying to him and gets angry at being taken advantage of. Edward is so generous and clueless about his need to earn a living, it doesn’t occur to him that he could charge money for his talent. Someone else has to give him that idea, and pursue the notion of his own beauty salon.

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

Edward is a gentle and compliant creature who goes along with anything anyone asks of him all the time; he wears what Mrs. Boggs gives him to wear, barbecues what they ask him to cook, takes a bit of every food he’s offered, lets Mrs. Bogg plaster his face with uncomfortable makeup to cover up his scars, and shows extreme distress and anxiety whenever anyone is upset with him. When Kim finds him in his room, he’s anxious about her reaction—she screams and he hurries away from her, trying to hide his face and sneak away from confrontation. The same thing happens whenever the townspeople are upset with him. Edward gets sexually taken advantage of by a neighbor because he doesn’t know how to decline. Much like an innocent child, Edward is naïve and gullible, wanting to think the best of everyone. He trusts Kim’s boyfriend too much, and agrees to break in and help him steal something because “these people stole from you.” He sees this as a moral wrong which needs avenged. He loves Kim, but doesn’t go after her in a romantic sense – instead, he burns up with jealousy. His 1 wing kicks in when he feels threatened; angry about being betrayed to the police and thrown in jail, he shreds Mrs. Boggs’ curtains and destroys her hallway. When Kim’s boyfriend attacks him and hurts her, Edward angrily skewers him and throws him out a second-story window… before he passively goes back to living a quiet life of solitude in his castle.