Sonja is fierce, headstrong, and opinionated, while being driven by her emotions. She is also opportunistic and somewhat short-sighted about her decisions. Our introduction to her is an adult is taking risks alone in the forest, which force Lucian to kill several of his kin from atop the walls to save her life. She then takes over a dangerous mission to meet and bring back human nobles for a meeting, which involves a werewolf attack in which she must defend herself. She’s quick to react, good with a sword, confident in her physical abilities, and driven by her heart. She has defied her culture because she fell in love with a forbidden Lycan, Lucian. She doesn’t care what others say about it or think, though she hides it to protect him. Sonja doesn’t talk about her feelings, she shows him through dangerous midnight trysts and plots to escape. She’s gutted inside when her reckless behavior causes him 30 lashes and might end his life, but manages to remain outwardly stoic and talk about his replacement calmly. She improvises rather than plans, can be blunt under pressure (when she confronts her father with her pregnancy), and doesn’t really think at all beyond today.

Enneagram: 8w7 sx/sp

Sonja is rebellious by default and provocative in how energetically she rejects any restrictions being placed on her. She falls in love with and sexually desires Lucian, so she defies her entire race to be with him. She physically assaults Tannis to find out what he knows about her situation and threatens to gut him with a knife unless he keeps her secret, then negotiates with him to give him her seat on the council (she doesn’t care about nor want it) in exchange for his help in freeing her lover from prison. She is cautious of her father, but also over-estimates his affection for her when telling him about her unborn child; she assumes this will make him respond positively toward her and Lucian, instead it drives him to rage. Even though she’s about to be sacrificed for her love, Sonja refuses to submit to him or show fear, even though she plainly feels it. She has big energy, doesn’t listen to orders, and refuses to admit to her mistakes sometimes, but also has an intense romantic side that attaches to Lucian and is willing to take risks to be with him.