Function Order: Fe-Ni-Se-Ti

Lucian adapts to his vampire upbringings, even temporarily adopting their hatred of lycans who cannot change back into humans. Even then, he encourages his fellow prisoners to bond together and not fight. Lucian pursues their freedom at all costs, bringing the wolf-lycans into the fold and inspiring them all to a revolution; yet, he asks none of them to fight for him, only with him. He risks his life to save Sonja, and swears to avenge her fate. Later in life, Lucian seeks a way to forever end the threat to his fellow lycans, going so far as to kidnap Michael in the hope that his blood holds the answers. He becomes fixated on this outcome, and even ruthless in his pursuit of the blood he needs. Lucian is an idealist of a sort, holding to a long-standing dream of freedom and victory. Lucian forever looks to the future, making his plans in secret and waiting for the right moment to carry them out. His infinite patience means he goes unnoticed until his desire to save Sonja reveals his escape plan. Lucian is aware of the consequences of his actions before he makes decisions – and makes them anyway. He encourages Selene to bite Michael, knowing she will turn him into a hybrid. Without quick reflexes and awareness of his environment, Lucian could not put a sword through a lycan’s head – traveling underground, at great speed, by accurately predicting when he’ll be where; neither could he save Sonja from being overrun. Lucian adapts quickly, changing strategies and fighting techniques to accommodate new surroundings and situations. He also knows better than to be with Sonja and how dangerous it is, but gives into it nonetheless, often meeting her in secret for trysts even though it could get them caught. Lucian doesn’t really think about his motivations in his dealings with Selene and Michael, or share his plans with anyone. He quietly goes about them.

Enneagram: 9w8 so/sx

Lucian is inconsistent between films. In the original Underworld, he’s every inch an eight – all about power and control, dominating his pack, expecting them to follow orders, and forcefully taking whatever he wants, from Michael and everyone else. He ruthlessly sets out to drain the descendents of Corvenus dry to find the one person he needs to create a hybrid he hopes will resolve the racial tensions between Lycans and Vampires. He sees himself as the defender of his kind and protects them at all costs. But in The Rise of the Lycans, his younger self is meek and submissive, compliant, and obedient to authority. Even though he sees injustice toward his brethren and must kill his bestial cousins to survive and protect the vampires, Lucian does nothing about it. He surrenders to a flogging without threats and wears his collar without protest, even though he plans in secret to unlock it and escape. He doesn’t dare confront or challenge Viktor and surrenders to his will. Even though he knows their love affair is dangerous, Lucian still participates in it. He warns Sonya to be more aware of the potential consequences of her actions, since they often get other creatures killed. He shows some of this same tenderness to Michael. Even though they’ve kidnapped him and taken his blood, he says they were wrong to be so callous toward him. Lucian is only stirred out of his apathy and inertia in life by loving Sonja, wanting to save his wolf kin, and his need to avenge her.