Marcus is a very visceral vampire who, rather than ask for information, often tears them to pieces after sucking their blood to get it, especially if he finds their behavior abhorrent. He initially turned Viktor to help control his Lycan brother, William, with the proviso that they merely catch him, they don’t kill him—but things quickly got out of hand for him, when he realized Viktor, a warlord, intended to take over the Coven, establish rules, and diminish him as the original vampire. He made a decision out of his heart, without thinking of the long-term consequences, and it backfired. When he emerges from his sleep, he’s angry about it and sets out to destroy anyone who stands in his way, slaughtering the entire coven and coming after Selene and Michael to get the key and location of his brother’s eternal imprisonment. He incomprehensively believes he can control his brother, that their ‘special connection’ bonds them, and that he will be able to prevent William from creating the same problems he did thousands of years ago by reinventing vampire kind and producing new descendants. He chases after Selene and Michael and engages them in dangerous combat multiple times, going after them on roads, in the wood, and in the caves, but also seems to have a sense of personal ethics. He kills only those who disappoint him or have done wrong to vampire-kind. His ethics, however, are subjective, and based around his own hurts. He kills Tannis for keeping information for Viktor against him. He kills Kraven for being a traitor. He says Viktor ‘deserved his death’ for the wanton slaughter of Selene’s family, but is also curious about why he would do it. He doesn’t guess; he goes straight to the blood source to find out, showing very little interest in posing hypothetical answers.

Enneagram: 7w8 sp/sx

Marcus has never sought power among the clan for himself, and let Viktor establish the rules that kept them alive for centuries without fighting him for dominance, showing that he would much rather do his own thing. But his pursuit of what he wants, and his fierce belief that it is owed to him, is very singular and 7ish in that he justifies it, makes excuses for it before his father, and has an idealistic and naïve belief that he can control the situation, when he probably can’t. He would rather romanticize his brother and their bond than face the truth of the situation, which is – the last time this happened, the Lycans got out of control. What’s different now? Nothing. Still, he leans heavily into his 8 wing throughout Evolution. He ruthlessly goes after his enemies, giving them no quarter and not listening to their appeals. He is assertive and confrontational now that Viktor is out of the picture. As an ancient and immoral vampire, he sees others only as tools to use on his quest, as something to ‘power through’ if they won’t help him.