Function Order: Fi-Se-Ni-Te

Michael is a compassionate man who even after Selene kidnaps him, wants to help her out. After she flips the car once she falls unconscious, he uses her gun to shoot his way out of the flooding car, pulls her to the surface, and tends her wounds, all while ignoring his own. He leads by his emotions and expects his friends to be loyal to him, but also is observant and quick to react. When he sees his friend coming back with two policemen, Michael cuts and runs. He improvises well in the moment, trying to shoot his way out of his own restraints, and almost immediately adapting to his transformative abilities. Michael just ‘figures out’ how to channel his rage into assuming Lycan form and beating the hell out of his adversaries, especially anyone who threatens Selene. When the sun comes up and threatens to burn her to a crisp, Michael helps her crash into a building, covers the truck, and uses paint to cover the windows to make it safe to move her into the storage compartment. There, they make love having known each other less than a week. He fearlessly leaps into action against threats, once he knows his own strength, taking on Viktor, Marcus, and William. He can be blunt under stress, pointing out that Selene is now hurt, and she could crash the car and get them both killed if she passes out from a loss of blood.

Enneagram: 6w7 sx/sp

Michael is, for understandable reasons, terrified when monsters of all kinds start chasing him, harassing him, biting him, stealing his blood, kidnapping him, chaining him up, etc. He runs away from everyone as soon as he can, tries it on his own, and then runs back toward Selene as someone he trusts who can tell him what’s going on. He bonds to her instantly, and becomes all about protecting her, being loyal to her, not wanting to let her out of his sight, and going out of his way to fight her battles alongside her. He is a responsible man who earned his degree in medicine, but admits that he ran away after his wife’s death, moved to a new place, and tried to “put all of that behind me” through escapism. Though scared of Selene at first, he also opens up to her quickly.