Functional Order: Si-Te-Fi-Ne

Natacha starts out a lot of her sentences with “everybody knows…” followed by some factual correction mocking the absurdities of Alex’s creative stories. She points out things like ghosts not being able to touch people (they exist on a different plain) or the right herb to conceal an odor. She’s extremely literal and factual, but also a bit callous. When her story comes to light, we learn that she planned her own escape from the witch and when she succeeded, discovered her family had moved and gone on without her. Left with nowhere to go, and nothing to look forward to, she returned and… became the new witch by doing the exact same thing the other one did. Trapping children, using them, punishing them, “killing” them and keeping them in her cabinet, shrunk into wax figures. She knew nothing else, so she dug deeper into it rather than create a new, different life somewhere else. Even though she herself came up with the books that the children find and wrote her notes inside them, she appears to have forgotten all about them. She doesn’t assume the children have drugged her special spray, and she harvests it herself from the sleeping witch to give her magical abilities. Natacha shows very little compassion or sympathy for anyone other than herself. She just wants to survive.

Enneagram: 5w4 sp/sx

When Natacha failed to find a unicorn in the witch’s woods, she created one herself… a ghoulish thing that stalks the woods and terrifies the children half to death. When she couldn’t find her family or a new home, she returned to harvest essence from the witch to feed her own magical abilities. She’s extremely uncaring toward the children who stumble into her apartment, terrorizing them for her own amusement and out of boredom. She is callous and mean, but also focused mostly on ensuring her own survival. Natacha hordes the magic for herself and mistreats everyone, out of a fear that the witch will arise to punish her. She nitpicks and criticizes Alex’s stories, but her motivation is that unless the witch likes them, she might awaken and seek retaliation for Natacha stealing her life. She is somewhat melodramatic, over reactive, and temperamental, caught up in her own life, ideas, and various pains.