Function Order: Ti-Se-Ni-Fe

Selene admits early in the franchise that she is a Death Dealer, and “lives for it.” She doesn’t mind killing Lycans and doesn’t consider most of them to be human, since they (she thinks) destroyed her family. In a lower Fe way, she can’t distinguish between the wolf responsible and the entire race on the whole. She refuses to let go of things until she understands them completely; it’s not enough that Lucian wants Michael, she must understand why … and what Kraven has to do with all of it, and what it all means. She is detached, unemotional, and analytical, choosing the logical solution to her problem every time – from shooting holes in the floor to escape to a lower level, to throwing someone out a window. Selene isn’t afraid to use leverage to get what she wants, either, threatening Tannis with violence to get him to talk, using torturous methods to force Lucian’s scientist to spill the goods, and agreeing to drink from Alexander’s wrist as he’s dying to get the strength she needs to kill two more Elders. Difficult situations do not faze her, and she “lives for” hunting Lycans. She loves the thrill, the danger, the adrenaline rush. She uses her environment to her advantage; she is highly aware of it, and finds it easy to make quick decisions or turn the tables on others. Selene drives fast cars, breaks through windows, throws people through roofs, shoots anything that moves, and recovers from setbacks quickly. She can run with a few seconds’ notice; chase villains all over the city; engage in massive fire-fights using her incredible acrobatic skills, and never break a sweat.  She trusts her “gut,” which tells her when others are inauthentic or not telling her the entire truth. Selene knows there is more going on than meets the eye, and her “hunches” about Kraven are correct. She figures out the truth about Lucian and his deal long before anyone else. She summarizes her thoughts into cohesive symbolism to impart them to Viktor. She has a forward focus, and embraces new concepts such as hybrids easily. Though not forthcoming with her feelings, Selene wants to please the people she cares most about. It devastates her to learn the truth about Viktor and it temporarily paralyzes her, as she grapples with her emotions. She only recovers and springs into action when she hears Michael being hurt and leaps to his defense, killing Viktor in the process. She fiercely protects her own and on occasion, confides her emotions in other people. She is vulnerable in her love affairs, but at no other time.

Enneagram: cp6w5 sx/sp

Selene is a rough and tumble counter-phobic 6 who attacks anything that comes at her, but is also subservient to authority. Rather than make her own decisions or trust the process, she awakens Viktor to deal with Kraven, whom she suspects of being a traitor without any actual proof. She doesn’t trust him, has never warmed to his sexual advances, and trusts Viktor to do the right thing, even though she’s broken the chain of command. She has been fiercely loyal to him since the day of her Vampire rebirth, and trusted him when he told her that Lycans killed her family. It devastates her to learn he lied, that he is responsible for their slaughter, and she becomes vulnerable with him when she asks him if it’s true—emotional, since her trust has been violated. She swings between over-assertive behavior to ward off threats (including busting Kraven in the face for trying to manhandle and threaten her) and bending the knee to the Elders. She assumes she can help them stay alive by appealing to Marcus and telling him the truth, but then runs for her life when he comes after her. Selene is somewhat private, secretive, and has been a loner for centuries, other than serving Viktor and continuing to do his will while he sleeps. She makes decisions on her own and doesn’t doubt herself, so much as she places trust in her chosen authorities.