Functional Order: Si-Te-Fi-Ne

Yasmin is a sensible, practical girl focused mostly on carrying out the duties the witch assigns her… and she doesn’t seem to mind doing them each day. She tends the garden, cooks, cleans, and thinks about ways to escape, but has also given up in a pessimistic tendency to believe it’s hopeless. She has tried to leave, but there’s no getting around the fact that the witch has the place rigged, the cat spies on them and reports every mistake back to their mistress, and there’s no way to leave without the keys. Alex helps her to see things from a different light, but she’s also fearful of the unknown and somewhat resigned to their fate. She assumes they have to serve this woman forever, and must just get on with it. Yasmin can be somewhat blunt, since her first interaction with Alex is cold. She’s fearful of being emotionally hurt again, when he fails the witch and winds up in her evil cabinet. She doesn’t bother to speculate on the children that came before; she’s only interested in making sure she (and later, Alex) makes it to daybreak. A lot of her personal decisions and prejudices stem from her own life experiences, including her distaste for the cat (it spied on and got her into trouble for eating food that didn’t belong to her) and her fears about what harm might befall them if they fail the witch.

Enneagram: 6w5 sp/so

Yasmin is all about making sure she lives another day and in protecting herself. She feels enormous guilt about her best friend having sacrificed her life to ensure Yasmin’s survival after a failed escape attempt, and only comes to feel better about herself when she’s able to help protect Alex. At first, she tries to go at it alone and look out only for herself, but under pressure, she turns to him for help by asking him to assist her in the night garden. There, they kill creatures together. Yasmin doesn’t like him to take chances and repeatedly reminds him that he should be writing stories (for his own protection), not “wasting his time” doing nothing. She doesn’t like to take chances and is somewhat suspicious of ulterior motives. Yasmin tends to be secretive and somewhat withdrawn, but opens up more to Alex over the course of the story.