Henry is a natural leader, who is willing to go out and hunt the wolf only after Peter taunts him about being afraid of him – he wants to prove him wrong and show him up. His emotions often bubble to the surface; he’s angry and upset enough at seeing Valarie and Peter making out in the hayloft to almost confront them, but he also doesn’t want to force her into a relationship she doesn’t want. He knows she doesn’t love him like that, or want him in that way (sexually) so he breaks off the engagement. Henry becomes drunk and accuses Peter of having gotten his father killed, instead of taking responsibility for it himself. He is upfront with his feelings about having been a coward at his father’s death, and doesn’t hesitate to share his views about Valarie, Peter, etc. He confronts Peter several times, agreeing that they both care about her, and says they should work together to save her. Henry is a stable but passionate and emotional young man; he has trained as a blacksmith and knows his trade well, enough that he’s able to take over from his father after his death by the wolf. He uses his skills to create a key to get Valarie out of her handcuffs in an attempt to save her life. Henry goes by his senses—what he sees and smells in the world; he wrongly accuses Valarie’s grandmother of being the wolf because he smells the same smell on her that he smelled in the cave when his father was killed. Having faced the wolf, he later “finds his courage” and becomes a knight who goes out and protects people from evil creatures in the darkness. Henry is cautious about the unknown and doesn’t like to take unnecessary risks, but is also reasonable at reading between the lines. He reaches a wrong conclusion about Valarie’s grandmother, but not about Father Solomon or his threat to the town. He sees that he and Valarie will never have a good life together, although part of him still hopes she will come to see him in a different light.

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/so

When the others take up the cry to follow the wolf, Henry alone cautions them against it, saying it’s dangerous to do so. He goes along with them, but then hides to protect his own life in the cave, surviving where his father winds up dead. Henry avoids drawing much attention to himself, is careful in the plan he comes up with to rescue Valarie, and wonders what happened to Peter. He’s suspicious of others once he knows the wolf can appear as a human, and accuses a woman wrongfully, but doesn’t tell anyone his suspicions about her secret identity. Toward the end of the film, we find out he has become a monster hunter in Father Solomon’s place, having “found his courage.” Though initially cautious, he’s willing to take risks, somewhat aggressive, and quick to pursue what he wants.