Peter makes his living as a woodsman, a woodcutter, who doesn’t like to stop working long enough to take lunch; the others have to urge him to put his physical tasks aside. But Valarie is quite capable of distracting him – physically and sexually, as they are very intimate with each other. At one point, after an argument, they start making out in an alley and then move it indoors, where they almost consummate their love (until someone cries wolf) in plain view. He leaps into action to fight where he can, takes on the burden of helping free Valarie from her bonds, and is captured, and later helps Valarie kill the wolf, as well as fights with that person throughout the cabin. He is the aggressor in demanding they chase the wolf down in the caverns, and then tells everyone to split up to explore the caves. Peter is fairly rational; even though he loves Valarie, he knows Henry could provide for her better – he makes a better living as a silversmith/blacksmith. So he pushes her away, and then goes out of his way to “move on” quickly, by finding another girl and dancing suggestively with her at the festival. The more Valarie tries to make him jealous, the more aggressive he becomes. He often taunts and tries to perturb Henry, goading him outside his comfort zone and encouraging him to follow the hunting party into the mountains. Peter knows he must leave Valarie long enough to overcome his violent tendencies once he’s been bitten, and also that she will wait for him. Though he doesn’t much like Henry, he does enter into a camaraderie with him in their joint excursion to rescue Valarie from being a human sacrifice. He doesn’t do much considering of who could be the wolf, doesn’t speculate about it all, and leaves analyzing what’s going on to others – he’d rather just act.

Enneagram: 7w6 sx/sp

Peter urges Valarie to run away with him, to abandon her old life and her family—even in the midst of the threat unfolding all around them. He’s rather cut and run to save both their lives, and forget all about the hardships at home. When he recognizes that she would be better off with Henry, who can provide more for her than he could, he immediately tries to move on with another girl, and insists that “she can give me what I want” (sex) when Valarie confronts him about his behavior. Peter shows a suspicious and distrustful side, in how he interacts with Father Solomon (keeping out of his way), in his combative attitude toward Henry (although he does work with him to help save Valarie), etc. He feels confused, however, when Valarie doesn’t trust him and even cuts him, to keep him away from her, when she thinks he might be the wolf.