Emily is very practical, naïve, and led about by her feelings. When Victor proposes to her by accident, she doesn’t stop to wonder why he would propose to a dead girl and draw her out of the underworld, or assume it might have been a mistake. She sees this as evidence that he loves her, and fails to understand his reaction to the Land of the Dead as being negative. She’s so caught up in her own romantic dreams of their future together, she fails to realize he’s just being polite to her, and actually wants to escape. Her life as a human showed a similar trusting nature—she ran away from her responsibilities, tried to follow her heart, and wound up being murdered by the man she thought had good intentions. She makes the same mistake with Victor, in trusting him when he says he wants to introduce her to his living relatives, thus tricking her into taking him back to the land of the living. She has to have a personal connection to someone to feel sympathy for her. When she discovers Victor talking to the girl he loves, she becomes angry and defensive, whisking him away with her against his will. Emily doesn’t think about his feelings in that moment, just her own. She gives him the silent treatment out of anguish, until he assures her that he’s willing to give up his life to be with her. Only when she realizes that by accepting his offer, she’ll deprive another woman of the life she wants does Emily choose to deny him the cup of death. She draws her murderer into the afterlife, and then gives up her un-life to rest in peace. Prior to that, she saw nothing unusual in the notion of marrying a living person, no impediment to their life together, and no reason to question anything. She just assumed he loved her and that it would all work out. Emily shows a sentimental streak for the past, but hasn’t learned anything from it.

Enneagram: 2w1 sx/sp

Emily just wants to give and receive love. Love caused her to trust the wrong man and fall into an early grave. She ran away from home to be with him, in the assumption of a shiny new life. She tries to convince Victor to love her through flattery, attentiveness, even gifts, by paying attention to him and giving him whatever he wants… but she also has a darker side to her nature. When Emily feels threatened in that love, and fears it might get taken away from her, she moves into 8 territory – she tears Victor away from another woman, takes ownership of him, and will not listen to his side of the story. She becomes tyrannical. But she also doesn’t want to do anything wrong. Her 1 wing kicks in, sees how wrong her behavior has been, and allows her to release him from his promise, because it would be bad to hurt him in that way.