Victor is an idealistic and romantic young man who lives by his heart, who finds it difficult to express his intense emotions, and instead, fumbles his way around them. He gets tongue-tied and nervous with girls. He believes any marriage should come out of passionate love, rather than simply obedience to one’s cultural expectations. But he is also somewhat fickle in his heart, loving Victoria and then Emily all in the course of a few days. He believes he can choose his future, and what he does and feels quite insulted when he discovers Victoria doesn’t play the piano to abide by her mother’s wishes (being a proper lady interests him less than her having autonomy to make her own decisions in life). Though the Land of the Dead initially scares him, he immediately warms up to it when his dead dog arises to give him joy (a ghost conjured up by Emily in the hope of winning him over). He changes his mind about things, at first doing all he can to get away from Emily and then deciding to marry her. His distractibility and sensory oblivion in the woods causes him to mistake her skeletal finger for a tree branch! He doesn’t like immediate change, and wants to get used to things. Victor can be somewhat blunt under stress. He tells people off and storms out of the house in frustration. He angrily tells Emily he doesn’t want to marry her (even though he’s sorry for it later).

Enneagram: 9w1 sx/so

Victor can be somewhat… over-adjusted. He has never met Victoria and has no real interest in her, but still agrees to marry her to keep his family happy. He becomes flustered when others are upset with him, and goes out of his way to practice his vows so he doesn’t anger anyone again at the actual wedding ceremony, which gets him into trouble in the first place. Once in the underground, Victor can’t stand to upset Emily by being honest with her about his feelings, so he avoids her, tricks her, and tries to escape from her by convincing her to take him to the land of the living so he can “introduce you to my parents.” She is so upset with his perceived betrayal, he makes nice to her by playing a duet with her, and then impulsively says he will become her husband, just to make her happy. He’s willing to die to be with her, because she wishes it. He wants to be pleasant, sweet, and avoid the wrath of those around him, while also having strong views about good behavior.