Jack loves anything new or novel and feels immense frustration at being stuck in Halloween Town, because it’s the same routine every year. When he stumbles into Christmas Town by accident, he’s instantly overtaken by the beauty of the holiday, and wishes to try doing it himself. Routine bores him and he needs new and refreshing ideas to have some sort of purpose. It doesn’t cut it if he has to keep doing the same thing. Instead of being sensible about Christmas, Jack tries to abstract away from it and “understand it.” He over-thinks it, experiments on presents to see what they’re made of, and comes up with ghoulish ideas for his own version of Christmas, because he’s too out of touch with the spirit of the thing. He gives out assignments to his minions without thinking what might result from it, causing mayhem when his garish toys and gifts terrify children and upset adults into shooting him out of the sky. He’s so caught up in the grand imagining of it all, he doesn’t think he might be wrong, and won’t listen to Sally’s insistence that it’s a terrible idea. Jack loves to conduct experiments in an attempt to find out what Christmas means. He writes up complex formulas, trying to come at it from an analytical perspective rather than listen to what it tells his heart. Though eager to participate in it and please all the children, Jack is fundamentally out of touch with what gives them joy, so all of his gifts and shenanigans backfire. He assumes he can bring his own flavor to the holiday, without understanding it from an emotional perspective. He is great at improvising when necessary, such as using Zero as a light when the sky is too foggy, or unraveling Oogie Boogie to save his friends. The happiness of his friends matters greatly to him, and while he sometimes is ignorant to the social cues of those around him, it’s clear he cares a great deal about the people in his life. Ultimately, Jack wants everyone to enjoy the holiday, and tries his best to explain it when no one can understand it. Even though he tires of the repetitive tradition, Jack ultimately embraces himself as the Pumpkin King. He accepts that it’s his role, and no one else’s. When something doesn’t work, he’s willing to go back to old ideas and compare it to them, for inspiration. 

Enneagram: 7w8 sx/so

Jack has a whimsical nature that is totally bored by his routine life and that immediately latches onto anything new and exciting. Rather than think seriously about what he’s doing, he gets caught up in the thrill of planning things—eager to embrace Christmas and make it his own, to kidnap Santa and detain him, and to involve all of his friends in the process. He doesn’t wonder whether anything could go wrong, out of his eager assumption that it’s all going to go absolutely, perfectly right! He’s idealistic to the hilt, over-estimates his own abilities, and doesn’t like to admit to his mistakes. But he also has an aggressive, darker side which comes out when he feels threatened or that his friends might be in danger. He takes on and battles the villain, concocts a diabolical plan to steal Christmas, etc. Once the threat passes, however, he lapses back into pleasantries, falls in love with Sally, and lives out his life in Halloween Town, probably none the wiser for his misadventures.