Sally has an enormous problem with being held prisoner by her creator; she doesn’t see any reason to obey him even though he brought her to life, and repeatedly resists his attempts to control her and keep her a prisoner inside their home. She doses him with sleeping potions many times to escape into the outside world, where she wants to spend all of her time. Sally doesn’t want to go along with the scheme to take over Christmas, and tells Jack she thinks it’s a bad idea, even though the entire town gets behind him. She has no reason other than that it feels wrong to her, a bad thing to do, and has a sense that it’s all going to go wrong in the end. She has trouble admitting to her feelings for Jack in verbal ways, instead bringing him food, following him around, and ‘stalking’ him from the shadows. She is impulsive and impatient to get her life going, climbing out her window to escape, going into the town, and haunting the graveyard at night. She flings herself out of a second story window, then calmly sews back on the limbs that came off. Impulsively, she rushes off to rescue Sandy and gets herself captured in the process. She often reacts in the moment, whether that involves trying to prevent Jack from leaving town by pouring fog into the fountain, to using a spoon with holes in it to convince the mad scientist that she hasn’t dosed his soup again. She shows flits of lower intuition; though she has no proof, she believes this is a very bad idea, that Jack needs to not do this, that it won’t end well—and she’s right. She has a premonition that causes her to act against his plans and prevent them, but can also be short-sighted. She gets dragged home all the time, despite her frequent escapes, and uses that tactic so much, the professor becomes suspicious toward her. Sally can be rational; she tells the professor that she wants to leave, and he can create other creatures like her, so he doesn’t need her for company.

Enneagram: 2w1 sx/sp

Sally more than anything wants to win over Jack’s love. She fantasizes about him, follows him around, and does things to win his affection—being supportive, bringing him meals, and hoping that will cause him to notice her. Numerous times, she remarks that Jack “needs help,” with the assumption that she must provide it. She rushes to his rescue, risks being punished by her master to help him, and even agrees to assist him by creating a Santa Suit for him, against her better judgment. Several times, Sally objects to things as being wrong or bad. She doesn’t see them as the right thing to do, but goes along with them to keep others happy. Sally is quite assertive and forceful, willing to snap back at the professor and risk his bad temper—provided she can sneak out long enough to see Jack, she doesn’t care what he says or does to her later.