Mikael brutally tries to control his children and form them into what he wants them to be; he is emotionless in his decisions (though toward Klaus, often they are fueled by resentment in him not being his son) and always tactical. He comes up with intricate plans and persuades others to help him carry them out (moving to America to avoid losing more children from the plague, convincing his wife to turn his children into vampires, wiping out many of the werewolves, and ultimately, hunting down his family with the intention of killing them all). Mikael is fearless in his ability to take control of a situation and shape it to his advantage. His treatment of Klaus as a child, before the werewolf gene activated, hints that Mikael had a suspicion that Klaus was the result of an adulterous affair and not his own child. He visualizes solutions to his problems and long-term goals, and sets out to make them a reality… turning his children immortal, and then regretting that decision and spending a thousand years tracking them down to kill them. Mikael has instinctive insights into other people’s emotions and motivations, and uses this information to help predict their behavior patterns. Though not impulsive (he even chastises Klaus for his recklessness), Mikael has no trouble adjusting to his environment and taking opportunities as they are handed to him. He sizes up situations, notices a chance for action, and often takes it… making him a ruthless, frightening, easily adaptable monster in the eyes of his children. He shows a natural ease for weaponry and battle tactics, showing an ability to connect to his environment and get in sync physically with his opponent. Though ruthless, Mikael also shows signs of unyielding personal values: he refuses to drink the blood of humans, and instead dines primarily on other vampires. Initially, he cares immensely for his children and tries to protect them, but then is horrified at what they become, especially Klaus. Unfortunately, Mikael sees his belief system as mandatory and tries to enforce it on his children, refusing to allow them individuality or to appreciate their emotional weaknesses.

Enneagram: 8w9 so/sx

Mikael competes for dominance in every one of his relationships, and enforced strict rules upon his children when they were young. He sees them as vile creatures that must be controlled, punished, and destroyed when they step out of line. Because Klaus was not his son, he singled him out for abuse, and coached it in terms of “teaching him to be a man.” He is violent, single-minded, calmly aware of his power, and utterly ruthless, which makes all his children terrified of him. They spend centuries running away from him in an attempt to avoid his cruelties. Mikael continues to mock, ridicule, and scorn Klaus’ “emotions” whenever they cross paths. He has no time or space in his heart for emotional development or compassion, just disdain for those weaker than himself. His 9 wing numbs him to whatever he does not want to deal with, and also wants to avoid excessive conflict, though he will always initiate it as an 8 if he feels strongly about an action.