Cami chose a profession that relies on abstract information, and shows a high tendency toward it, in her various arguments with Klaus. She often probes into his psyche and illuminates things about himself that he would rather not face, causing him to mind-erase her after each sessions. But she senses something else is going on, so she starts taping her days, to attempt to fit all the pieces together. Cami sees right into his soul, his deepest desires, and tries to push him toward becoming a better vampire, which is one reason he comes to value her so much. She firmly remains committed to seeing his better nature and pushing him toward it, even when he gives her evidence of his awfulness. She is correct in her hunch that her brother’s death is more than it appears to be and he did not commit suicide. Her emotions sometimes come out violently, such as her threats to make Klaus pay for what he has done to her; she immediately connects to and comes to defend Davinia, even though they have little in common. She wants to be a good counselor, to help other people overcome their emotional turmoil. It bothers her a lot that people look down on her brother for his actions; she wants to be liked, but isn’t always sure how to accomplish that or deal with her intense feelings. Cami needs the world to make sense. She cannot let go of her brother’s death, because it is irrational. She can’t figure out why it doesn’t make any sense to her, so she chips away at it, and continues chipping away at it, until she learns the truth. Her Se grows in development through the series, as she becomes more assertive in stepping into conflict to head it off. She isn’t afraid to take risks or to put her body and life on the line to gather information. She can even be reckless.

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/so

Cami is forever thinking, questioning, and distrusting what people say about themselves, in favor of analyzing them from a psychological perspective. She is somewhat cautious of Klaus, all the while holding an almost idealistic perspective about his ability to change (per her 7 wing’s desire to think the best of him). She has trust issues, and is suspicious of others’ motives. She wants to make sense of, and understand, the world around her, and shows great interest in the vampires, witches, werewolves, and other creatures she encounters, one she comprehends their existence. She wants to understand her own darker impulses and to keep them under control. She is not overly emotionally reactive, instead thinking her way through problematic situations, but she does shift into greater hedonistic impulses when she feels confident in herself. As a vampire, she becomes less concerned with her personal safety and takes a lot more risks. She deeply resents Klaus ‘using her’ and controlling her, and fiercely confronts him on numerous occasions about his bad behavior, all the while never really giving up on him.