Function Order: Fi-Se-Ni-Te

Davinia has an intense connection to her emotions, which are deeply internalized and dictate most of her decisions. She resents having others influence or control her, and will go against and even punish them if she believes they are immoral (even Elijah experiences pain, because she judges his blood-drinking as wrong). Davina intentionally pushes away from others when defining who she is and what she wants, and prioritizes those she cares about most. She refuses to compromise on anything she believes strongly in, causing Vincent to chastise her for not playing nice with the covens. Instead, she deems them as her enemies and pushes away from them, insisting on ruling them through fear rather than inspiring their loyalty. All the time her mother and others were preparing her to become a sacrifice, Davinia naively took the situation at face value and believed them. Once Marcel rescues her from death and places her in the attic, she quickly becomes bored and longs to engage with the outside world. She draws and paints but likes interacting with her environment and the Quarter more. Davina is impulsive and makes risky choices in pursuing what she wants; she does not always think through the consequences of her decisions in the moment. Though the past influences her feelings toward the witches, she refuses to live in it and instead wants to move forward. She learns magic quickly through hands-on experience and adaptation, and can leap on chances to act prematurely. Her inferior Ni shows in many of her short-sighted decisions (Marcel warns her that certain actions will cause conflict with the witches, but she does it anyway) and her fierce determination to cling to a certain interpretation or intention once she has made up her mind. Without much prodding, Davina can put her foot down, and once she knows what she wants, there is no shifting her course. She is objectively logical, assessing people easily with the facts and using them to build toward what she wants. Davina can be a schemer, and come up with plans, but her emotions completely control her decisions. She can be blunt and even cruel when trying to control or punish others.

Enneagram: cp 6w7 sx/sp

Davina spends a lot of her time seeking authority figures, and someone to be loyal to and protect. She was defensive of and loyal to the coven until she saw all her friends murdered in front of her, then found a protector in Marcel, whom she angrily defends with her life. She has been almost murdered, kept imprisoned for her own safety, put under spells, and abused by vampires, witches, and werewolves for so long that she has become angry and determined never to let anyone else control her again. She asserts herself angrily and forcefully, but also is somewhat dependent on Kol for protection, latching onto him as she did Marcel. Davina has a lot of self-doubt in her worse moments, as she wonders if she can still do magic. She burns her bridges behind her most of the time, and has become overly distrustful, suspicious, and reactive toward her enemies. She wants to have fun and be out in the world, and deeply resents being imprisoned and unable to go out into the city. She has a need to know the pleasures of life and tries to run away from her pain.