Kol is extremely opportunistic, and believes in living in the moment, which has earned him a reputation for no-holds-barred violence (killing off entire towns in the heat of the moment, over-indulging his taste for blood, and endangering his family in the process). He is interested in sensory pursuits and tries to convince others to indulge with him. Kol is mindful of his environment and uses it to his advantage, often improvising at the spur of the moment. He’s incredibly intelligent, and analytical, unafraid to adapt to a situation and quickly find a loophole that gets him what he wants, or out of trouble; he thinks fast on his feet, which allows him to mislead just about everyone in his life, from Elijah to Damon and Elena. He isn’t afraid to make logical decisions for the “greater good” if it will save them all… including cutting Jeremy’s arm off to stop the Hunter’s mark. Charming … likable… easily able to emotionally adapt to a group, and desirous of pulling other family members into his schemes, Kol desperately craves the love of his family. It hurts him tremendously that Rebekah, Klaus, and Elijah have always been much closer to one another than him and excluded him. He admits close to the end that all he ever wanted was their approval and affection. Kol is good at discerning others’ emotions and manipulating them, but also is forthcoming in his own feelings about whatever he doesn’t like. His gut instincts are often correct, but sometimes not; Kol believes that Silas will create hell on earth for all of them if he is unleashed and he is partially correct. He does sometimes scheme toward his future, in particular through his recruitment and training of witches. Kol appears to have longer-term plans than he initially lets on, but struggles to anticipate betrayal and whenever he becomes too obsessed with the future, he lets down his guard (inferior Ni).

Enneagram: 7w8 sp/sx

Kol is the ultimate pleasure-seeking hedonist, wanting to fulfill all his needs in the present without thought for the future consequences of his actions; his tendency to over-indulge his lusts and thirst for blood frustrates his family, and causes Elijah (a moral 1) to cast him out of their inner circle – something Kol resents, since he also wants to feel a sense of inclusion and belonging. His 8 lends to his aggression and desire to experience all life has to offer in a very physical, tangible way, but also causes him to identify various concerns and want to neutralize them, with no thought for the emotional dynamics of those involved – such as attacking Jeremy or Bonnie, when defending his own life and the lives of his family. He can be ruthless and brutal, but also judgmental of his brothers’ tactics and abandonment of him (7 moving to unhealthy 1).