Functional Order: Te-Si-Ne-Fi

Freya has a detached, take-charge approach to protecting her siblings, enacting her revenge, and keeping the people she cares most about safe. Her magic is always for a purpose, and she is not afraid to exert “force” over others for logical principles (she keeps a wolf prisoner, because she “needs more of your venom”). Freya takes charge with ease, comes up with, and executes plans. She is known for laying down the law, because she refuses to do anything she disagrees with, and has no problem punishing others for their perceived crimes. Her assertions are often backed up with evidence. She immediately falls into the same old camaraderie with Finn, based on their former interactions. In spite of her siblings’ betrayals, she continues to stand by and support them, under the concept of “family.” She has intimate, detailed knowledge of spell-work… but she can also be innovative and think up new, creative ways to use her magic. Freya tends to be a bit suspicious of others’ motives, and has a semi-negative view of the future. She is good, however, at keeping a big picture focus (self preservation, protection for her siblings and niece, etc). Freya keeps someone prisoner out of a fear that she “might” need more of an anecdote. She may think something is wrong, and choose to punish that person (through Te), but she rarely moralizes at them or gives them lectures. There are no morally gray areas in Freya’s mind; she holds herself to a high moral standard and expects others to do the same. She spends a century bitter about what happened to her, and being taken away from her family; and then seeks to be reunited with them and becomes their protector. Freya judges everything according to how she feels about it, and whether or not it impacts her directly. She is very angry at having her life taken away from her, and being forced to conform to her aunt’s rules, and devotes a huge chunk of season two to destroying her aunt, gaining freedom, and reclaiming the family she cares about (minus a few members); but she is a hypocrite, in taking away another person’s freedom to suit HER cause (inferior Fi).

Enneagram: 1w2 sp/sx

Freya ultimately wants to do what is right by other people and by her family, and often takes the moral high ground where her siblings would rather she does not — rather than kill Finn for his attempts to murder her niece, she captures his soul in an amulet to protect him. She has a firm sense of honor and a strong sense of duty toward her family; she protects them even though most of them have let her down or even betrayed her at some point. Freya will defy them, if necessary. She disintegrates into intense emotions and feels a strong sense of abandonment and isolation under stress, lamenting the loss of her family and all she suffered at their evil aunt’s hands. Freya admits, in these times, to her intense jealousy of the happiness others possess. Her 2 wing is manipulative when she needs to be; she convinces others she is someone besides Freya. But she is also loving, generous, and kind, eager to babysit and extend forgiveness. She is tolerant and willing to make peace with her enemies for the greater good.