Hayley confesses to Elijah that she freely lives in the moment, with no thought for the future or the past (“If I see something that I want, I take it”). Her actions reflect this – her one night stand results in carrying Klaus’ child, she is often quick to leap into danger and react in a situation, she looks for opportunities to act in her environment to bring about quick resolutions, and she is very present and aware of her strengths and limitations. She has a natural tendency to lead and is not afraid to become aggressive in defending her territory or commanding the pack. She can think her way around any situation, and the facts never stump her for long, because she is confident in her ability to come up with a “work around.” Hayley’s frequently profound comments about other people and their motivations shows her tendency to analyze their motives and behavior and form rational conclusions, which she only shares with prompting. She is unafraid to protect herself and those she cares about, but also has a greater moral concern for her pack, and her family, neither of whom she has known for any length of time. Hayley marries Jackson in order to free the other wolves from their curse of turning on a full moon, despite the fact that it sacrifices her own freedom to love in the meantime. She asserts that she’ll remain faithful to her husband, out of respect for him. Hayley is forthcoming with her emotional opinions, and sometimes chastises Klaus for his “selfish” behavior. She cares how others see her. On occasion, she has flashes of insight into Klaus’ motivations… her assertions are sometimes right and at other times wrong, but she is confident that she knows the truth about the situation. She does open herself up to greater long-term thinking and planning when she becomes involved with the pack, and sacrifices what she wants in favor of helping them escape the curse (inferior Ni).

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/so

Hayley admits to Elijah that if she sees something, she takes it, without regard for whether it’s moral or not. She is aggressive, but also fun-loving, charismatic, and willing and able to talk her way out of bad situations. She routinely refuses to think about the consequences of her actions in her season of The Vampire Diaries, and impulsively leaps into bed with Klaus after being rejected by Tyler, which results in her pregnancy. Hayley is a bit hypocritical, in that she accuses Tyler of using people for his own advantage, after doing the same to him (knowing he would be killed). She doesn’t like to be restricted, controlled, or bossed around, but willingly enters into a marriage she isn’t interested in to protect the wolf pack (because she sees them as family). She grows more into maturity as the series progresses, becoming more responsible and protective of her daughter. She reacts instinctively, and angrily, to protect her loved ones, her pact, and her child. Hayley can be impulsive and hedonistic, but also aggressive and territorial, as she fights for dominance in her pack. She stands up to Klaus multiple times, even though he scares her.