Klaus always has a plan. He has a rational argument for all the decisions he makes. He often sacrifices everything, his family included, to achieve some rapid-fix goal; he daggers Elijah when he sees him as “a liability.” Worse, he tries to control his siblings as much as he can, and when he can’t, Klaus daggers them and puts them out of commission for awhile. He craves power and to rule New Orleans, through forming alliances with the werewolves and witches in the district. His authoritarian manner often puts him at odds with the very people he cares most about. He visualizes things that he wants and pursues them as goals; he has an unrealistic, idealistic perception of family life that he tries to bring to fruition in Mystic Falls; and he desires kingship over the quarter. Klaus is good at reading people, determining their worth and potential, and either exploiting them or helping them develop their greater potential. He is often able to anticipate the impending decisions, actions, and schemes of his enemies. Klaus is good at correctly interpreting others’ psychological states, and often confronts them with his knowledge (you are using me to deal with your daddy issues; this is all because you did not get enough love as a child, etc). He wants the most out of life; throughout history, he has pursued the expensive things that he wants with total abandonment (beautiful women, priceless paintings, etc). He loves new experiences and desires to live in a lavish home surrounded by beautiful things. He’s also an artist. Klaus enjoys the thrill of action and is restless when he is not doing something … even if that is as simple as tearing his enemies’ throats out. He is known for his unpredictable, violent, and impulsive behavior; he moves fast, heading off trouble but also getting himself into it. His inferior Fi is his major flaw. His emotions are erratic, immature, impulsive, and intense. He wants to connect to his family but has no idea how, or how to maintain an emotional relationship that does not involve banter, intuitive insults, or power struggles.

Enneagram: 8w7 sx/sp

Klaus alienates other characters and members of his own family due to his highly aggressive, assertive behaviors—he doesn’t hesitate to kill people who get in his way, or sacrifice them for his own agenda, and he takes some pleasure in controlling situations and things—he enjoys making Stefan embrace his ripper side once again, he keeps his family members daggered so they cannot flout his authority, and he refuses to admit that he is emotionally vulnerable or needs them. Instead of being warm and comforting, he goes the opposite way and tries to manage the situation through decisive action. He considers Elijah ‘weak’ because Elijah is moralistic, and doesn’t always do what ‘needs to be done.’ Under stress, he falls into 5ish behaviors—being paranoid, insecure, and isolated, not believing he can trust anyone or anything. He experienced such rejection and abuse as a child, he resorted to control tactics and power games to keep his family in line – abusing them by forcing his will upon them, and scorning his emotions in the process, while being violent, emotional, and erratic. He’s unstable and therefore dangerous, lashing out at people, and often ruining his relationships in the process. His 7 wing wants to avoid the consequences of his actions and self-distracts through pleasure. He informs Caroline she needs more beauty and excitement in her life, and tries to get her to leave with him and travel the world. Klaus doesn’t like to face up to his flaws or admit to his mistakes, instead choosing to rationalize and justify all of his decisions, even the selfish ones.