Alexis is an excellent student, because she focuses hard on getting good grades and puts the time and effort required into learning her subjects from the inside out. She is delighted to work as an intern to the police station in one episode, in which she happily tackles the minute details of dealing with the clutter in the old case files. Alexis finds a bunch of photographs without a name attached to them, and goes out of her way to track down their owner and return them—because such a small thing has enormous importance to her. These photos belong to someone who has lost their mother; she should have them, because they contain precious memories! Alexis would want them returned to her, so she does the same for this woman, even though everyone else sees them as irrelevant. This shows both her generous and sensitive heart, and her notice of the small things others miss. She knows her mother, father, and grandmother by the many years she has spent observing their questionable choices, so she turns to Beckett for advice instead, trusting her and her more stable life to offer better counsel than her family. Alexis believes in taking advantage of the established paths through life—in pursuing a career, going abroad to visit colleges, in having a steady work ethic, and forming reasonable expectations. She is a sweet, thoughtful girl, always thinking about her decisions in context to others’ feelings. She doesn’t want to cut school or make her mother out to be a liar, but also feels bad about having told a lie to her principle just to mess around in town all afternoon. She asks her dad to please find a nice way to make sure Mom doesn’t move here, because Alexis doesn’t know how to handle her mother without hurting her feelings. She supports her grandmother, despite having skepticism about her new relationship. Alexis likes to test things out for herself, and perform school experiments to track things like splatter trajectories. She has a mechanical and logical side, that likes analysis and to figure out crimes. But she also suffers from weak intuition in terms of expecting things to go badly sometimes. She breaks up with her boyfriend out of fear that they might not have a future together, and her father has to remind her to be positive and live in the moment, rather than be anxious about things that may never happen down the road.

Enneagram: 1w2 sp/so

Castle doesn’t really know where his daughter came from, because she is nothing like him, her mother, or her grandmother. They are all party-hards who are somewhat irresponsible… and she is responsible, does all her homework on time, focuses on getting good grades, calls the authorities when anything goes wrong among her friends at a party, and acts like the model young adult. He never has to tell her “don’t do anything I wouldn’t,” because Alexis would never even consider that in the first place. She tries to take care of her father best she can, while frowning a little on some of his more questionable decisions—his one night stands, etc. She feels anxious around her mother, because her mother yanks her out of school on a lie (her grandmother died) to do something frivolous like shopping. Alexis doesn’t want her mother to move to NYC, because then she would have to be around her all the time and she finds her stressful, but she also doesn’t want to be a bad child who is rude to her parents. Alexis offers sensible advice on a regular basis, but also turns to Beckett for help whenever she needs it. She encourages her father and champions him on to being his best, while cautioning him about his negative traits. Alexis goes out of her way to help her friends, in one episode spending several sleepless nights while searching for a former classmate that she has discovered has become homeless. “Dad,” she says, earnest and wide-eyed, “we have to help him!”