Fezzik is highly sensitive and doesn’t like to be spoken poorly to; when Vizzini insults him and threatens to send him back to where he found him, “unemployed in Greeland!,” Fezzik asks him not to say such mean things to him. He assumes they are merely kidnapping Buttercup, and when he finds out they intend to kill her, he immediately points out the immorality of this action, and says, “I don’t think it’s right, killing an innocent girl.” Vizzini tells him, similarly, to hide behind a rock and smash in Westley’s head, but that doesn’t seem moral to him either, so he chooses instead to throw a rock at him in warning, then come out, and suggest that they “fight hand to hand combat, as God intended,” without any weapons. He seems to take on everyone else’s needs and goes along with their plans, looking out for everyone and trying to help them achieve their goals. When he wanders off in the castle toward the end and finds the horses, he takes them, assuming if he ever finds the rest of his friends, they can all use them to ride off into the sunset together. Fezzik shows a modicum of sensing, in that he prefers to do things hands-on and earns his living doing the same sort of thing all the time – being a “Brute Squad.” He loyally sticks by the people he knows, and lets his personal knowledge and interactions with them guide his treatment of them – completely changing his mind about Westley and Buttercup. Former enemies, now friends! (He also tells Inigo to give Westley a break, since he’s been “mostly dead all day,” and needs time to think.) Fezzik shows a lot of Ne, but in a fun and playful sense – he absolutely loves to rhyme and shows a natural talent for it, coming up with puns and rhymes immediately after hearing a few words or a complete sentence (“You have a great gift for rhyme,” “Yes, yes, some of the time,” “Stop that rhyming now, I mean it!,” “Does anyone want a peanut?”). He shows some logical reasoning (they may need horses to escape) but is slow to understand Inigo’s reasoning, and mostly just goes along with things.

Enneagram: 9w1 sp/so

Fezzik is the embodiment of a “gentle giant” who is swept up in everyone else’s plans, rather than having any ambitions of his own. He was found unemployed n Greenland by his employer, and endures shameful verbal abuse by Vizzini without ever leaving his employment, lashing out at him, or forcing him to treat him with respect. Fezzik goes along with his plans meekly, even the ones he doesn’t like, because to do otherwise might cause conflict. He has a little bit of defiance in him, however, since he’s willing to keep rhyming for fun even when his boss yells at him to stop. Fezzik holds nothing against no one. Westley bests him at fighting, and Fezzik is still willing to help him (and Inigo) break into the castle. He employs force sometimes, but it’s also important for him to be “fair” – such as when he intends to beat Westley at hand to hand combat (even though it isn’t strictly fair, as Westley points out, since Fezzik is enormous) by offering him a chance to protect himself and win. He also protests against the idea of doing bad things to Buttercup, since it seems neither moral nor fair.