Munch has an over-reaching theory of life, in that everything has a flow and if you merge into that flow, you can anticipate things before they happen – otherwise known as using extroverted sensing to pay attention to the immediate environment and react to it without hesitation; this seems surreal to those around him who don’t use it, but it’s merely part of being full ‘in’ the moment. And he is. As he also tells Martha, he often acts before he thinks – whether that involves seeing a pretty girl in a store and asking her out on a date immediately (what else does she have to do with her afternoon?) or out-maneuvering, out-gunning, and out-fighting every opponent who tries to put a bullet in his head or a knife in his back. But Munch also is a bit… whacked. He has a weird, irrational sense of ethics that makes him turn around and kill anyone who hires him to kill someone else, because “murder is wrong” (never mind that he’s doing it – it makes no sense to anyone). He should stay on the run and not draw attention to himself – instead, he falls for Martha, maintains a routine while seeing her, and continues to pursue her, because he’s crazy about her and has fallen in love with her – in the course of two days. He also argues that he isn’t a bad person, despite killing people, because “bad people can’t feel love,” and he loves her, and that’s all that matters! His ex-boss says he’s weird, in that he was a top assassin that had something go haywire with his programming, and now he “feels guilt and remorse.” On several occasions, when Munch should kill someone to keep himself safe, he leaves them alive to come after him again. He always asks people if they “really” want to do this before he kills them, and gives them a few chances to back off. Toward the end, he says he has given up killing people because his girlfriend doesn’t like it (he changes his mind). He is charming and likable, easily making friends and also showing emotional concern for others, but thinks being normal would suck and is glad he isn’t, even if it means he’s psychotic. Munch has very little rationality behind any of his actions, and no foresight whatsoever, except in his single-minded commitment to Martha and his assurance that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. He is also brutally honest with her from the start about his profession, though she takes that all as a joke until she sees someone popped in the face.

Enneagram: 7w8 sx/so

Munch has a weird, eclectic sense of humor and immediately uses it to try and snag Martha for a date. Rather than being offended that she calls him weird, creepy, and a potential serial killer, he plays up his eccentricities and convinces her to go out with him on a date. He then comes up with a nickname for her – “monster,” which she finds hilarious. He brings levity even to serious situations, in which he wears a red clown nose (and wants her to like it) while killing people. He also doesn’t hold grudges, moving past things easily and turning everything into a flirtation, a come-on, or a joke, even their serious need for a hospital (did his girlfriend just get shot in the face? That’s hilarious!). But whenever anyone threatens him, he kills them without feeling bad about it. He shows aggression in serious situations, but also leaves it up to others whether they die or not (they can just put down their gun and walk away, that’s cool with him).