Martha is the embodiment of “give in to the whims of the moment.” She deals with her boyfriend cheating on her with drinking and cursing him from her closet, then when her friends drag her out of it, she insists on going out for drinks and dancing, which cheers her up. The next day, after a mishap with a cat that leaves her covered in scratches (it turns out they are not soul-mates and he didn’t want to be best buddies), a creepy but persistent guy hits her up for a date—and she thinks, why not? Over the course of two days, she kinda sorta falls in love with him, while thinking his remarks about killing people are a joke until she sees him shoot someone in the face. She rushes home to think about how she feels about this, remaining silent for 24 hours until he shows up at her apartment building – after she’s been told the semi-truth about him by the cops. Martha by this point has decided she doesn’t really care if he kills people, since the FBI agent has assured her that his feelings for her make this man (whose name she doesn’t even know, since she never asked, and the one time she did, he didn’t answer) not-dangerous to… her. That’s all that matters. Love and a bit of adventure. Martha is like Munch in that she quickly learns to adapt to the environment and use it to her advantage – becoming an expert fighter with almost no experience, by getting “in the flow” of energy. She winds up being kidnapped so they can force him to come and get her, and thinks that is kinda awesome, because now she gets to see him in action. She foolishly taunts the guys who have her tied up about being stupid and knowing her boyfriend is going to shoot them – and if he doesn’t, she will. Being smacked around doesn’t bother her, and given the chance to beat someone up, she takes it. Martha finds her calling as a psycho right alongside her new boyfriend; as she kills one man, she tells him that she “likes” turtles (he reminisced about smashing a bully’s pet turtle when he was a kid), and as she kills another, that she told him this would happen, but “nobody listens to me!” She is perfectly fine running around the world with him later, making life up as they go along and leaving their next destination up to chance. Martha can be somewhat blunt and tactless at times, but also point out the obvious as she narrates her life (he’s weird and creepy and rude, but also kinda fun; he’s all wet, she’s not sure he should be here right now, since she’s kinda sorting out her feelings, and did he have to finish a book on tape or what? What took him so long?). Martha has a silly fantasy about her future life as a crotchety old lady who dresses weird and creeps out all the kids in the neighborhood.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sx

Martha is… a handful. As a kid, she roared about wanting to be a T-Rex when she grew up, and … turned into a cheerful killer? In self-defense… so far. But she has a running monologue that is hilarious, is forever quipping at people and spreading around jokes, and tries to avoid the pain of her breakup through self-indulgence and “fun” (drinking, partying, finding a rebound guy). At one point, she quips that at least it looks like everyone is having a good time. She starts laughing uncontrollably when the situation looks dire, convinced that it’s all going to work out fine – and also that the two people holding onto her are morons (“What’s it like to have an IQ over 17?” she asks in relation to herself, inferring that they are stupid). She thinks it’s great and funny that she got shot in the head and then popped two people. But in true manic over-thinking form, she races between anxiety, distrust, and suspicion – and going for the fun times anyway. Munch gives her the creeps when they first meet, but why not go out with him? Might be a hoot. She freaks out when she sees him kill someone, and gets anxious that he might kill her too… but once she finds out he would never do that, she’s fine with it and rushes after him as a source of excitement. She rationalizes away her own moral objections (he must be a good guy, if he’s killing the bad guys, right?) to support her “love” for him.