Ruth is a happy socialite who loves her life in the spotlight, and who is pleased to hostess social occasions. She’s quite proud of her ingenious husband, but also wishes he would “stop dreaming and live in the real world” once in awhile, where she resides. She feels “alone” in reality at times, because he’s always mooning about his dead wife and mourning his writer’s block. Ruth tries to do damage control and keep his eccentricities from causing rumors about them, which is hard because of late he’s taken to talking to himself in public! She easily spills her feelings about him and their relationship and how under-sexed it is to her best friend, and when she discovers Elvira has returned from the grave to haunt him, becomes competitive toward her, asserting that this is HER husband and she will not share. She finds the prince abdicating to marry Wallis Simpson romantic rather than troubling, becomes emotional under stress, and is quite literal. She doesn’t believe ghosts are real until Elvira plays the piano to prove her existence, and then starts throwing things around the house in a blind rage. Since the medium brought her back, Ruth assumes she can also banish her, and goes rushing off to tell her all about it and pay for her to fix the problem. She winds up being killed in an accident intended for her husband, only to come back as a ghost – and while at first she starts out fighting with his other ex, they then fall into a sort of friendship built around mutual loathing for Charles and his selfish behavior. Ruth winds up killing him, so he they can spend all of eternity haunting and hating on each other. She does it just to tick him off, rather than choosing to lead her own life and leave him to his human existence. This reversal of her thinking (love him, protect him) happens once Elvira reveals their affair to her, which changes all her feelings toward him. Ruth never stops to question whether she’s being rational or not, but she is much more practical than Charles. He wants a nap, she wants him to get down “all those good ideas, while they are fresh” (so he can sell them and finish the screenplay he promised her father).

Enneagram: 2w3 so/sp

Ruth prides herself on being supportive of her husband and useful, but also is something of a shallow woman, less interested in her husband’s literary career than she is in the money it brings in to them, so she can throw extravagant parties and be hot within society. She is easily embarrassed by her husband’s misbehavior in public and around the studio, and feels resentful and upset when he doesn’t seem to sexually want her or able to perform for her in the bedroom. She is jealous of his affection of his first wife (but denies that she cares) and goes out of her way to get rid of her, fearful that she might try to steal Charles. She accurately perceives that he still has feelings for her, and demands to know if he can touch her (and if so, he’d better keep his paws off her). Ruth isn’t afraid to go behind his and Elvira’s back to get rid of her, either, but is happiest when Charles needs her to help rescue him from the ghost, thus allowing their relationship to deepen into intimacy once again, which is all she ever wanted.