Function Order: Se-Fi-Te-Ni

Toby is an excellent and charismatic little salesman, who puts all his talents to good use working for the Senor, as he tries to convince people to try the “miracle elixir” that helps their hair grow. He then turns around and uses this same sales technique to bring people into Mrs. Lovett’s pie shop, where she uses him as a salesman, server, and bouncer of “that old woman” (in case Sweeney should recognize his wife). He pesters her to let him learn how to make the meat pies, and is eager to grind up the meat, so long as he can help himself to a few pies along the way (and a bit of whiskey as well). Toby notices Mrs. Lovett is carrying around his master’s purse, and connects that to his objective assessment of Todd as a dangerous, unscrupulous person. He hasn’t seen anyone go missing, but has a sense that Todd cannot be trusted, and is determined to protect Mrs. Lovett against him. But she won’t listen to his warning, since she sees him through a romanticized light. Toby deeply cares for her, so much so that he avenges her after her death by slitting Todd’s throat as he cradles his dead wife in his arms. He’s also smart enough to hide once he realizes the truth, and to slip down and away into the sewers, even when he hears Mrs. Lovett sweetly calling his name. His hunch about Todd is right—he means no one any good.

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/so

Loyal and eager to serve, Toby is a good boy to his master, even if he’s beaten, starved, and abused by having his knuckles cut up by his master’s razors while he sharpens them on the strap. Toby is glad when Mrs. Lovett takes him in, and becomes loyal and protective over her, bouncing whomever she tells him to throw out and rushing to fulfill her every request, while adoring her for having rescued him from a sad life. But he is also suspicious by nature. Todd doesn’t seem right to him, and tells her as much, singing about his desire to keep her safe, and promising that no harm will come to her while he’s around. He’s unable to keep this promise, but still goes out of his way to avenge her and rid London of Todd, whom he now realizes is an unrepentant murderer. He wavers between suspicion and distrust, and having a gluttonous and good-natured side. He eats and drinks her out of house and home, until she figures out a better way to make a living.