Function Order: Fi-Se-Ni-Te

Sandy doesn’t ever say a word, but loves the children he sends good dreams to a great deal. He is easily offended and upset when others do not listen to or value his input, and can flounce away from them to make a point. He is highly creative in conjuring up beautiful dreams for people, letting them guide their own interpretation of them and change them into whatever they want to see, from dinosaurs to unicorns. But Sandy also fearlessly throws himself into action most of the time. He loves riding in North’s sleigh because it goes fast (unlike Bunny, who is terrified, Sandy has his hands up and is grinning). He leaps after Jack to save him from a free fall, rushes at Pitch Black to confront him, tries to change his Nightmares back into benevolent creatures, and even goes down fighting. Later, he returns to enter the fray, create a whip out of his sleeping dust, and beat up Pitch Black with it. Sandy creates very visual things out of his dust, from flying carpets and horses to sailing ships. He has an all or none nature, in that he is either all right in how he feels about you and willing to leave you alone, or has decided you must be taken down by any means possible.

Enneagram: 9w8 so/sx

Sandy is a mostly peaceful spirit who enjoys bringing good dreams to children and loves his role in their life as a benevolent and gentle individual who lures them off to sleep. He feels somewhat ignored and frustrated by no one paying attention to him in the Guardian Council, even though he never says a word – and quickly falls into his 8 wing whenever he asserts himself. He can be angry, temperamental, and ruthless in how he attacks Pitch Black for threatening the children, using his whip to crack him around, smash him into the pavement, and render him unconscious. He gleefully steals teeth from his fellow Guardians to win their unofficial contest to see who can help out Tooth the most. Sandy will get riled up, and then lapse back into his old pleasant, easygoing nature.

This character was typed for a reader, per their paid request.