Tooth says her favorite part of being a tooth fairy was spending time with the kids and watching them sleep and dream, but she has been away from them for over four hundred years – enough time to forget how to interact with them in any way outside her main interest, which is teeth (her attempts to cheer up a child by showing her bloody teeth fail). She tries to bring harmony to the Guardians, and is very up front with her feelings at all times, even exclaiming “I love her!” when she meets the little girl. She encourages Jack and says if she had known his questions and desire for personal meaning sooner, she would have shown him his memories a long time ago to help him unravel the mystery of himself. Tooth is very good at keeping all of her little faeries in life, and also accurately suspects that children love her kind. She’s easily flattered, but also fiercely protective of her own. Tooth mostly thinks and talks about teeth and her fondness for them; it is her thing, and she doesn’t mind doing it over and over again, because she knows it’s something that will last and that is meaningful to kids. She has a whimsical, playful side, but also some fears about what might happen as a result of the stolen teeth. Tooth points out a few things logically, but doesn’t spend much time asking why things happen.

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sp

Tooth enjoys her role of being important in children’s lives, and in bringing them happiness (and little treats and toys so they will believe in her). She goes out of her way to try and soothe, comfort, and reassure Jack that they will find his memories and restore them to him, and wishes she would have known about his need to know about his past sooner, so she could have helped him find his purpose. She feels especially flattered when people like her, and perks right up when she receives a compliment. It dismays her to think that she is being forgotten and has failed the children who count on her and her fairies to bring a little magic into their lives. She isn’t afraid to buckle down and do the hard work her job requires, and has a real problem with Pitch Black for the bad and hurtful decisions he makes.