Function Order: Te-Si-Ne-Fi

Bunny initially has a bad attitude about Jack Frost because compared to Bunny’s own incredible work ethic (he delivers millions of eggs in one day all over the world, plus manages things in his world and sees to it everything runs smoothly all the time), Jack is something of a fun-loving slacker. Bunny doesn’t appreciate his work ethic, his mockery of the Guardians, or the frosty designs he leaves wherever he goes, and doesn’t bother to mince words when complaining about Jack in front of and to the other Guardians. Bunny is a ruthlessly practical creature, who doubts North’s intuition when he says Pitch Black has escaped and will now become a threat; Bunny demands proof before he will believe it, and then refuses to believe Jack can be useful until after he saves them several times. It takes personal interaction and Jack accepting him for Bunny to overcome his bias, stop being so competitive against him, and accept him as one of the Guardians, who has a sole responsibility to protect and defend the children of the world and their dreams. He is willing to change his ideas, and embrace new ways of seeing things, but also tends to be negative about the future and other spirits. Bunny also has a childish inferior Fi. He cares a great deal about doing his job well, but is petty in his interactions with Jack, offended whenever Jack insults him or compares him to a kangaroo (because of the accent), and whines whenever he feels they are leaving him out of anything.

Enneagram: 1w2 so/sp

Bunny has a strong work ethic, is determined, and… always mad about something and ready to challenge people who get his goat, meaning Jack. He doesn’t like his casual lifestyle or the fact that he abandons his post to solve the mysteries of his own life, and doesn’t change his mind until Jack proves to him that he has matured and is now ready to accept his role among the Guardians. Bunny feels a lot of pride in his Easter eggs, and feels crushed when the children of the world stop believing in them. He spent so much time and effort focusing on making them happy through giving them wonderful Easters year after year, he failed to remember to connect to them on an individual level.

This character was typed for a reader, per their paid request.