North spends all of his time thinking about his responsibility to the children of earth and his promise to give them a wonderful Christmas. He keeps a naughty and a nice list, in order to judge how to leave presents for the kids. He feels good about being the head of the Guardians, and trusts that the Moon knows what it’s doing when it shows them Jack’s image, suggesting him as their fifth Guardian. He and Bunny get into arguments about what’s rational and what isn’t, because Bunny wants proof whereas North trusts his instincts and his hunch, which he “feels” in his stomach area. North is highly competitive when collecting teeth and sometimes uses some underhanded methods to win in how he shows up at the nick of time and snatches teeth away from the other Guardians. He likes to work within a group dynamic and get them all on the same page, fighting for the same cause, and sees Jack as a bit of a problem for being a wild card. He is also highly intuitive. He believes Pitch Black has returned based on a brief image and a whim, despite having not seen him since the middle ages and having no reason to assume he could find a way to influence events in his favor. He also believes Jack has a larger purpose and tries to help him find it, by showing him his workshop and talking about how his sense of “wonder” and awe is what his core is; the center of his being. He talks about destiny and fulfilling it. North is also quite keen to interact with the outside world, ruthlessly driving his sleigh, using creative methods to outsmart his fellow Guardians, and fighting Pitch Black and his nightmares in whatever way he can. But he doesn’t bother to find any evidence to back up any of his assumptions.

Enneagram: 2w3 so/sp

Much like Tooth, North takes his role as a protector, guardian, and supplier of enjoyment to children seriously, and gets very angry whenever anyone threatens anyone he cares about, the children’s beliefs, or tries to tear apart his workshop. He becomes aggressive under pressure, and is sometimes blunt and forceful in how he bosses people around, but he does it out of a desire to make things the best they can be. He tries to somewhat parent Jack, but also holds him responsible for leaving his post, leading to every child in the world losing their belief in Bunny. Though hard-working and determined, North also has a playful, optimistic, and lofty side, where he identifies with his role in children’s lives, molds himself to fit their expectations, and admits to his delight in “wonder.”