Function Order: Se-Ti-Fe-Ni

Jack is a fun-loving and rambunctious spirit who became a Guardian after attempting to save his sister from falling through ice in the middle ages; his ability to keep calm and push her out of the way, leading to his own death, caused the Moon to see the truth of his divine spirit and make him an immortal. He spends most of his time having fun and enjoying life, creating intricate designs on windows, and encouraging kids to get out there in the cold weather and try new things. He sees the Guardians as a bunch of “old” spirits stuck in their ways, who might hamper his free-wheeling style, and at first isn’t interested in joining their crusade against Pitch Black, until he realizes the villain has stolen his own tooth capsule, which contains the truth about where he came from and the life he had before becoming Jack Frost. Jack has asked questions his whole life about why he is here, and what is his purpose, and feels quite confused when North expects him to know the reason for his existence. He is still searching for it, until he realizes at the end of the film that his purpose in life is to bring joy to others. Jack wants to be seen and finds it hard to go through life interacting with children who walk right through him and fail to believe in him. He slowly and somewhat reluctantly becomes more of a group player among the Guardians. Once he has all his questions answered, he finds his true calling in delighting children. Jack has rather poor Ni, in that he never once thought about whether he might have had an existence prior to being “born of the moon,” and did not know he was a human in his past life, or that he was called out of it to become something more… permanent.

Enneagram: 7w8 so/sx

Jack says he is all about fun, while the rest of the Guardians are all about being responsible; he enjoys interacting with kids, and shames them for spending hundreds of years thinking about the tots rather than actually taking the time to hang out with them. He is playful and somewhat “irresponsible” in the eyes of “Bunny,” who considers him a know-it-all and a trickster. Jack eventually combats and defeats Pitch Black with the same method he used with his scared little sister as a human – he turns him into a joke, causing all the children to laugh at him and then change his nightmares into dreams full of childhood wonder and delight. He says his calling in life is to “bring the fun,” and he means it – though he also has a somewhat selfish side, in that he is forever thinking about what his own life means and his individual significance. He abandons protecting the egg tunnels to get the answers to his questions, drawn into Pitch Black’s lair by the sound of a familiar voice – but he also has a generous and loving heart, as he shows when he sacrifices his magical cane to save a tooth fairy from being crushed.

This character was typed for a reader, per their paid request.