Pitch Black bursts upon the scene having spent years cultivating his grand scheme to take over the world, unleash his nightmares, create chaos so they will feed off the fear, and restore him to the same glory he enjoyed during the dark ages – back when he was in charge, before the Moon arose the Guardians to bring happiness into the world. He wants power for its own sake and has a grand plan he unfolds – he has taken centuries to figure out how to transform Sandman’s creatures into Nightmares, he steals all the teeth and the tooth fairies so the children will no longer believe in her, demolishing her power, and then tries to do the same thing to Bunny, with his final intention being to stamp out the belief that keeps these Spirits strong. He knows that if he gets rid of them, nothing will stand in his way from once more becoming all-powerful. Pitch Black isn’t afraid to fight his own battles, sometimes rushing at the Guardians and confronting them through physical combat, though he also melts into the shadows whenever he feels threatened. He quickly takes advantage of Jack by insisting he give up his staff to save one of the tooth fairies, then hurling her away after she stabs his hand and breaking the staff over his knee. He can be somewhat moody, in his confession that he understands Jack and his need to be seen, because it is something they share. He tries to connect to Jack through this knowledge, but quickly throws him aside when he rejects this and sees him as an adversary to be undone. In the end, they defeat him because he cannot stand being mocked or being the brunt of jokes; his own nightmares sense his fear and drag him back to where he came from.

Enneagram: 3w4 so/sp

Pitch Black admits that he cannot stand to be ignored, he must be seen, and he wants power at any cost, so that he can become the thing children most believe in. He is insulted when others can no longer see him, and takes his reputation so seriously, it offends him that children would dare “laugh in my presence; I am the Bogeyman!” Pitch was once important, a god in his own right, the master of darkness for several hundred years, and resents that he was dethroned by a bunch of spirits that make children happy, so he does whatever is in his power to dethrone them and seize control. But he also has a moody and erratic side, which feels persecuted, abandoned, and unseen. He hates the thought of being unimportant.