Tara is a much more methodical learner of magic than Willow. Even though she has a genuine talent for it, she is also more cautious and doesn’t want her or Willow to advance too soon or skip steps in their magical learning. She becomes highly concerned when Willow starts over-using magic, out of the fear of what consequences might result, and only realizes she is being manipulated to forget things when she discovers items laying around the house. Tara is attached to her family and willing to go home with them, even if she doesn’t want to, out of a similar fear of what she might become; she doesn’t realize their scare tactics about her being a demon “just like the other women in her family” have been an attempt to control their women all these years. When Buffy loses her mom, Tara relates it to her own experience of loss, saying she knows what it’s like since she also lost her mom (but that doesn’t diminish how Buffy should feel about it). When her family turns up intending to take her home before her birthday, out of desperation to avoid her friend seeing the truth about her, Tara casts a spell to conceal her demon side – not realizing that it will make all of them unable to see any demons, period! This almost causes them to get hurt and/or killed when they’re unable to see the demons that descend upon the Magic Shop. Tara is the sweetest person in the Scooby gang, due to her consideration for everyone else and their feelings – but she is also at risk of putting how they feel ahead of her own wants and needs. She shows a sharp contrast to Willow’s Fi, in how she deals with conflict and her parents – she hides who she is to avoid their disapproval, Willow confronts them with the truth. Even though “Buffy” (Faith) has just hurt her feelings and insulted her, Tara feels concerned for her, and wants to help her overcome whatever problem she is having – she draws Willow’s attention to Buffy’s feelings, rather than her own. When Giles faces a loss in his personal life, and everyone else is wrapped up in themselves, she alone asks him how he is feeling. When Oz confronts her in the hall, Tara is nice to him, encourages him, and asks him how he feels about Willow. She uses questions to determine how others feel, rather than asserting her own feelings – like when she demurely steps aside, assuming Willow will want Oz and not her. It’s only over time and through encouragement that she becomes more self-confident and able to express her own feelings without feeling self-conscious. She is not a fighter like the rest of them, but prefers to work magic behind the scenes and keep herself out of peril as much as she can. She can also generate insights, based on what others have told her. Tara has never met Buffy, only heard Willow talk about her at length, and when she finally meets her, is the only person in the Scooby gang to realize it’s Faith and not Buffy. She says there is something “wrong,” with Buffy, that her aura is all “fractured,” and not like it should be. She and Willow sometimes talk in metaphors to each other, such as the horses conversation they have in the frat house, when they are actually talking about lesbianism (Willow feeling intimidated by horses, and Tara feeling confident about them). She knows upon observing Willow twice in the Wicca group that she has actual power, and is a talented witch whereas the rest of them are posers.

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sx

When Willow’s ex-boyfriend Oz shows up at college, even though Tara has been falling in love with Willow, she immediately removes herself from the situation to give them space, and tries to assure Willow that it’s “all right,” and she should “be with the person she loves” – assuming that Willow is going to choose Oz and meekly surrendering to it, rather than fight for the woman she wants. Tara is sweet, gentle, and self-deprecating, assuming she isn’t unwanted and accepting most of what happens to her in life with calmness and a certain level of passivity. It takes a lot to anger her, since she hates conflict of any kind – and she even tries to hide herself from her parents when they visit, because she doesn’t want them to know everything about her life in case it earns their disapproval. She cares a lot about her friends, and doesn’t want any of them to dislike her, and even is pleasant and nice to Oz despite her own frustration about their situation with Willow. When he accuses them of being in a relationship, she tries to run away rather than have this conversation – it makes her too uncomfortable to get stuck in the middle. In other episodes, she hides out in the bathroom when the others have violent arguments, and wonders how long they will be at it. Her 1 wing comes out forcefully once in awhile, as she confronts Willow about abusing her trust by using magic to keep her mind erased so she isn’t aware of the bad thing Willow is doing. She also sometimes questions the morality of what they are doing.