Function Order: Te-Si-Ne-Fi

Anya is a recovered vengeance demon who used to curse men at the behest of angry young women – and once she’s a human, she finds it rather inconvenient and frustrating. She is an extremely blunt woman, who struggles to understand human emotions. Anya goes after whatever she wants – a job at the Magic Shop (and earning as much money as she can), even a relationship with Xander (she complains that she can’t stop thinking about him, so they may as well have sex). She is highly money-motivated and obsessed with success on the world’s terms; in one episode, she says it’s not the American spirit that makes America so great, but that it is built on capitalism! When Joyce dies, Anya asks a lot of questions about what it is to be human, out of an inability to understand or process what’s happening, despite it upsetting those around her – she admits in frustration that she doesn’t understand why Joyce can’t just climb back into her body and be alive again, and why this has to suck so much and hurt so much! Anya was a successful spell-caster in her time, so good at the one vengeance spell she performed that the demons were so impressed they offered her immortality and a job hexing other men. She gladly took it, biased by her own subjective experiences with men, and often looks back with sometimes fondness upon her exploits, including hoping that Dracula remembers who she is, since she rather fancied him at the time. Anya can be quite literal in her interpretations, focusing on what the books say and making obvious but helpful suggestions, while also keeping herself open to possible change. She’s keen for it, but also wants to have a semi-normal relationship with Xander that leads to marriage and maybe even children. She thinks he is too reluctant to commit, and the right thing to do would be to live a normal lifestyle together. Anya does not fully understand her own feelings and ignores them most of the time; she is oblivious about what to say or do to comfort other people, and resorts to awkwardness instead (patting someone on the back). But she does genuinely show love and concern for others, such as when she blurts out how sorry she is to Buffy that her mother has died, for how it all makes them feel.

Enneagram: 3w4 sp/sx [361]

Anya is ambitious and self-confident; a good employee who takes her job seriously and loves the fact that Giles leaves her in charge when he goes oversees to attend a meeting of the Watcher’s Council. She eagerly puts herself forward to run the Magic Shop when he purchases it as a good investment, and becomes ambitiously driven when she realizes that it can earn her money to buy nice things with, including a beautiful apartment. She is highly emotionally motivated at times; she went out of her way as a human to enact vengeance against her old boyfriend after he cheated on her (if he’s going to act like a troll, he should be one!), and then took great pride in becoming a vengeance demon – but she doesn’t want the Watchers to know about this, in case they decide to kill her, so she goes out of her way to pretend to be all kinds of things she isn’t. She becomes more and more identified with her “roles” as the series unfold – such as when she’s so excited to be “an American.” She tells outright lies to protect herself, including making up an elaborate back history about her growing up on a farm and moving to California. Her 4 wing is somewhat self-absorbed, moody, and melodramatic; half the time, whatever she is going through is leading to the “end of the world” in terms of her drama – for example, she’s terribly upset that she may only live 50 more years, that she is dying, and thinks Xander and she needs to get a “move on” in terms of having a normal human relationship. She makes it quite clear that she only cares about her own survival, and that of Xander, until she learns to care about the rest of the Scooby Gang, to the extent of dying while trying to protect them.