Aunt Abby has a warm and generous nature that is excitable and eager to talk about things. She cannot wait to show her sister the body, and feels sorry that she missed it, but she had not much time before the pastor was due to arrive for tea, so she had to poison him herself. She eagerly explains everything to Mortimer when he discovers the body and asks about it, has a way of convincing “Teddy” to do whatever she asks, cares about consoling her sister, and feels quite unsure of herself when she admits the truth to Mortimer about him being a bastard and not a member of the family. She fears he may be exposed somehow, since she adopted him unofficially when his mother died. Abby has lived in the same house her entire life, some 60 years in the same place, and not much has changed inside her home. She dutifully cares for her family members, but also harbors a lot of feelings about the two boys she raised – she adores Mortimer, but is terrified of Jonathan based on their childhood antics. She is bubbly and creatively imaginative, also somewhat delusional in her interpretation of what she is doing; she doesn’t see murder as wrong or bad if it’s for a good cause – indeed, it’s not murder at all! She never questions her own motivations, only the actions of those around her.

Enneagram: 2w1 sp/so

Abby genuinely thinks she is doing a good thing for old, lonely men by killing them, since they look so “peaceful” after they die, and that means they are no longer lonely or unhappy! She is only helping them, after all, not doing anything wrong or unkind! However twisted her rationalizations and thinking, she genuinely thinks she has a good heart and is doing right by everyone in her life, through caring for and about them. She eagerly welcomes Elaine into their lives and is excited to hear about her wedding, and reluctantly helps even Jonathan – although she temporarily becomes aggressive when she confronts him and orders him out of her house (he refuses to leave, which makes her passive again). She believes in doing things “properly” and doesn’t like to leave her home a mess.