Dr. Einstein is a plastic surgeon who has fallen in with Jonathan and gotten stuck into a bad situation – being hauled around, witnessing his crimes, acting as an accomplice, and changing his master’s face each time to escape detection by the police. He is tired of running, tired of hiding bodies, and just wants to settle down and rest for a few days, take in some comforts like a good bottle of wine, and not have to worry about who is going to come after them or what Jonathan might do to them. He appears to be quite kind and sweet on the surface, and does argue against Jonathan taking the “slow way” of killing people (it takes forever, and he doesn’t enjoy seeing them suffer), but also has no sense of ethics to call his own. He surrenders them constantly to Jonathan and his demands. He also finds it funny to compare Jonathan to his aunts and see that Jonathan hasn’t done in as many people as they have, without leaving their house or being accused of anything, whereas they are forced to constantly keep moving due to their crimes. He thinks carefully about things and what he intends to do next time to alter Jonathan’s appearance, but is also constantly fretting about the unknown, fearful of what might befall them, and unable to imagine any situation where this entire fiasco turns out well.

Enneagram: 9w1 sp/so

Dr. Einstein is meek by comparison to Jonathan, who completely steamrolls him all the time. Even though he protests constantly that he doesn’t want to do things, he winds up doing them and being complicit in Jonathan’s crimes. He has assisted him in numerous murders, and stood by helplessly, unwilling and unable to do anything about it. He feels trapped and unable to escape Jonathan’s clutches, is easily cowed by him, and scared of what he might do to him. He feels bad about having given him the face of Frankenstein, and hurriedly assures him he will fix it at the soonest possible opportunity. Even though he thinks what Jonathan is doing is wrong and cruel, and tries to talk him out of it, he goes along with all of it, and feels enormous relief at the end to escape without being noticed or arrested.