Elaine is a lovely, charismatic, and opinionated girl, who does what she wants, the minute she feels like doing it. When Mortimer doesn’t answer her whistle to take her on her Honeymoon, she gives him a little while, then tries again. When she still doesn’t see “a tall dark streak of light” headed for her door, she goes next door to find out what’s wrong. After he throws her out of the house, acting strangely the entire time, she spies on him, opens the basement door, and goes down to investigate whatever they are talking about. After Jonathan scares and tries to kill her, she wants to immediately tell Mortimer about it and gets upset that he isn’t listening to a word she says. He has to do a lot of apologizing and kissing her to make her forget his insult of not paying attention to her. She doesn’t know what’s going on with him, but is curious enough to find out, so she seeks out details, and puts herself in harm’s way as part of her investigative process. Elaine also has a lot of qualms about Jonathan, based on Mortimer’s childhood experiences with him. She trusts his memories and uses them to inform herself of what to expect (and fear) about his brother. Elaine has some suspicions about what’s going on, but doesn’t like to trust anything without proof, so she looks for evidence to solve the why of his erratic, unpredictable, and downright infuriating behavior.

Enneagram: 2w1 sx/so

Elaine cares all about being loved, and has been so irresistible, Mortimer couldn’t help falling in love with her, proposing to her, and whisking her off to a secret wedding, with the intention of going away on a romantic Honeymoon. So she is quite disappointed, upset, and soon becomes angry about him treating her so strangely once they get home – why, he isn’t paying any attention to her at all! She comes over several times to confront him, and even becomes downright furious at him, enough to slam a windowsill down on his fingers and shut a door in his face. But she is quickly mollified at the end, when he sweeps her up into his arms, reminds her of his love for her, and kisses all of her previous protests away. She teases him with flirtations and embraces, while pretending to lecture him about morality (saying she knows that look in his eye, because her father preached a sermon against it just the other day!), but in reality, enjoying his amorous intentions.