Jonathan is wanted in several states for criminal activities, even murder, and has racked up eleven or so bodies (more, if you ask him, since he’s rather offended to find out his aunts have outdone him). He is a rational problem solver, but also mostly relies on intimidation to keep others in line. He found and brought the “good doctor” with him, knowing that he could change faces every once in awhile through plastic surgery to avoid the police ever capturing him. He is very physical in his murders, drowning, bludgeoning, strangling, and otherwise dispatching people with his bare hands. He takes immediate advantage of opportunities, driving home on Halloween and deciding to hold up in his aunts’ house, then bury his own recent body in the basement in the hole that seems to have been dug just for the occasion. He ties up Mortimer, and then intends to torture him for his own amusement, saying that he prefers to take the “slow” method of killing people since it’s far more enjoyable to him. Jonathan is sensitive to comments about his appearance, and often has erratic fits of temper. He has no sense of how to be pleasant to anyone, and no concern for their feelings, but he does rather sadistically enjoy scaring them.

Enneagram: 8w9 sp/sx

Jonathan was a deeply unhealthy child who enjoyed having power over Mortimer. He would tie him up and drive splinters under his fingernails. Now, he moves into the house with aggression and dominance, using force and intimidation to scare his aunts into compliance with his demands. He hates it when people challenge his authority, and often strong-arms and bullies his doctor into doing whatever he wants. Jonathan doesn’t feel apologetic for having murdered people; to him, they are someone in his way, so he kills them and dumps the bodies in convenient places. He has a quiet, but forceful nature that goes down fighting – when the cops come after him, he attacks them and takes multiple blows before he goes down hard.