Function Order: Ne-Ti-Fe-Si

Lex is a scattered genius who has created many things in building an empire off his father, but is also heavily abstract in his connections between things; he reasons that he needs to kill Superman, because he is “a god” fallen to earth, and Lex blames “god” for not having defended him against his father’s abuse when he was a child. Ergo, he wants to destroy “god” for not being there for him, which means either god is a jerk who doesn’t care about people, or he is not all-powerful and all-knowing, in which case, he can be killed. It’s highly convoluted and abstract logic, but it makes sense to him and motivates his decision to manipulate Batman into hating Superman, exploit his own fears about him for a darker purpose, and then cause Superman to fight back, knowing Batman will destroy him with kryptonite. He has a manic energy to his public appearances, often mocking and keeping things light, but with a darker intention beneath his designs – his desire to kill Superman out of a warped sense of resentment toward him for being so powerful, while Lex himself is so weak. He works to implement a large-scale plan, improvising along the way and even daring to make personal appearances in his big reveal (if Superman kills him, however, his mother is toast). He tinkers in science and thinks in unusual ways, such as using “studying” Zod and green kryptonite as an in-road to a much bigger scheme. He arguably pulls apart systems, individuals, and thought processes just to see how they work, sometimes destroying them while exploring their logical nuances and natures. Lex enjoys getting a rise out of people. His charm unnerves them and diffuses tension. He is playful and charismatic, charming enough to win over a room full of people (admittedly, who might find him strange), but also a bit malicious. Our introduction to him includes him recounting his father’s experiences. He continues to keep a lot of the Luthor legacy intact – using his father’s name, his letterhead, the Luthor brand, etc. In some sense, he may be measuring his current successes against his father’s previous ones in an attempt to surpass them. Details are not his strong point, and he tends to flip them around to suit his own perspective (saying his father’s famous painting should be hung upside-down).

Enneagram: 7w8 sx/so

Lex, rather like the Joker, wants to create chaos among his enemies, to disrupt the city, and to hell with any potential consequences; he ressurects Doomsday for the thrill of it and to suit his diabolical plan, without any concern or consideration for the consequences of this action (what will happen when Superman is dead, and he devastates civilization in his unstoppable rage?). He finds it all highly entertaining, to pit people against each other and watch them fight to the death. Lex keeps things light and playful, turning serious and intense situations into a joke, but is also aggressive, ruthless, and not wrong in his assessment of Superman as a massive threat to humanity. Rather than wait around to see what might happen, he encourages others to “take him down.”