Barry’s father is worried about his son, since he is spending so much of his time mulling over how his father has gone to jail for something he didn’t do, rather than living his life. He puts all of his time and effort into trying to figure out how to save his dad, and neglects his own career in the process. He winds up in low-paying odd jobs as a result. Barry is quite independent from the rest of the League, in that he has strong feelings of right and wrong, but doesn’t bother to enforce them on anyone else. He is willing to give Superman another chance, even though he decimated half of Metropolis in a previous fight. Barry is highly creative, intuitive, and playful, always cracking jokes about everything and acting like the comic relief. He takes the time, when saving a girl from being hit by a truck, to playfully rearrange things so when real time resumes, it will turn out the way he wants. He is also of two minds when it comes to deciding whether to awaken Superman or not; he goes along with it, but second-guesses and questions it at the last second (maybe this isn’t such a good idea after all?). He tries to talk himself out of everything, with varying degrees of success. Barry pretty much relies on his speed most of the time to do anything, but can also be a little oblivious to his environment – when they all meet in one place, drawn by the Bat Signal (which he finds awesome), the rest of them melt away into the darkness without him, leaving him to awkwardly say goodbye to Gordon and depart. He immediately leaps at the chance to be in the League, out of excitement of the heroes it will introduce him to (Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and Batman… how insane is this?!). He’s something of a nerd, but also listens more than he participates. He expects others to come up with ideas for him to implement, and then goes along with it ,rather than creatively participating in brainstorming or speculating. Barry can go on and on, chattering even though no one is listening to him or interested.

Enneagram: 6w7 so/sp

Barry is so loyal to his father, instead of going out and living the life he could be living, he devotes his time to figuring out how to help him. He has a playful candor about him, but also feels more self-assured when in a group, goes easily along with their plans, and makes light of everything while trying to do what’s best for them and the planet by extension. He wins them over by being funny and cute, by having a sense of humor even when things look grim, and feeling confident that it will all somehow work out in the end (and if it doesn’t… something good will come along). He finds it hard to settle in any kind of job or profession for very long, but also doesn’t mind bending the rules a little to get ahead (he saves a girl, flips the truck, grabs some meat floating around, and then uses that to impress the dog walking place, by insisting that all dogs just LOVE him, by sneaking them treats).