Function Order: Si-Te-Fi-Ne

Bruce relies mostly on previous experience for everything – because of what happened to him and his parents, he deems a lot of criminals unworthy of being allowed to survive and kills them, in a deviation from Batman’s usual honor code. He judges Superman not by an over-arching big picture focus of the good he is attempting to do, but from witnessing the collateral damage that resulted from his battle with General Zod. It impacted Bruce personally, through people he knew, and wound up killing people, so he sees him as a dangerous threat to be eradicated. It’s only through his own personal experience in seeing Superman do battle for the right reasons, and then die of his injuries, that Bruce changes his mind, because nothing can change what he saw and experienced. He has a complete change of opinion going into Justice League, that they need to unite the super heroes together to fight the upcoming threat, because he promised Superman that he would do it. He persists in digging up details about these various individuals, and relying on what he knows about them, to recruit them into his League. Bruce puts all of his time and attention into his Batman “hobby,” which involves using his toys where he can, more than hand-to-hand combat (when the Flash asks him what his super hero power is, Bruce dryly responds, “I’m rich”). He throws money at things, to the tune of millions of dollars, for the express purpose of using them to wipe out the criminal element of Gotham. Bruce tinkers with some of his inventions, but leaves many of them to Alfred to encode. He doesn’t know how to fix his stealth airplane until Cyborg does it for him. Bruce sees the only rational way to defeat the impending threat is if a bunch of super-heroes bond together and use their combined talents to destroy him, so he works toward this purpose – but cannot convince most of them to come on board via charisma alone, and has to rely on Diana to bring some of them into the fold. Bruce likes to come up with a plan and warns his companions to stick to it, saying if they go off it, they might mess it up. He is blunt and keeps to himself, but also irrational in some of his emotions. Bruce has taken it upon himself to play judge, jury, and executioner, based on criminals’ behaviors – and he goes out into the city and winds up killing people who get in his way. He personally has a grudge against Superman, which makes him unwilling to listen to arguments to the alternative, until he changes his mind about him and realizes they need him. Even then, he uses logical rationalization to support his intention to raise him from the dead – past experience has shown him that the boxes did not awaken when Clark was around, which implies their fear of him, and supports the logical conclusion that Clark, as the strongest of them all, can separate them and restore the balance to the world. Bruce’s inferior Ne always thinks in terms of the worst-case scenarios. He sees every direction as a bad one, without any hope for the future, and also has a sense, at the end of Justice League, that “something” else is going to happen that is negative, but he doesn’t know what that might be.

Enneagram: 8w9 sp/so

Bruce is all about shoving through what he wants, whatever anyone thinks about it. He threatens Wonder Woman when she won’t return what is “his,” and uses his expensive toys to enact his own form of justice in Gotham, which is to go outside the law, find and sometimes kill criminals. He answers threats with aggression and has a black and white mentality, not understanding how others can be neutral on the stances that matter to him. He can be abrasive and bull-headed, refusing to listen to any argument that doesn’t agree with his conclusion about defeating his enemies. Bruce takes a friends / enemies stance (with me or against me). He is also fiercely determined, courageous, and willing to stand up against anyone, even if they are eight times his size. He also withdraws to his Bat Cave to be alone and lives a somewhat distant lifestyle, away from people. He numbs himself out to unpleasant things, but also has no problem being in charge.