Victor was a top student and athlete before his accident, and afterward, he can hack into any computer system, figure out how it works, and make it do whatever he wants it to. He shows this process, and his compassion toward a woman and her children who are almost out of money, when he hacks into her ATM and rewards her with a huge cash bonus, making her the winner in the bank’s sweepstakes. He is methodical in how he studies things and careful in how he takes them apart, but also gifted with mechanical objects. Victor was a talented football player, and despite his loner status as he mourns being a cyborg, still wanders the streets at night, physically puts himself into harms’ way to save people (breaking into a lab to save his dad, fighting off adversaries, and using the environment to adapt), and makes momentary decisions based on what he sees that can do good (such as helping the woman and her kids). He just “knows” when things will work and when they won’t, and also shows a lot of inferior Fe. He is deeply resentful about becoming a robot and ashamed to show himself, angry at his father but also willing to do anything to save him. He feels most at home when he’s able to integrate into the League, and feel like he is doing something important to save the planet, but initially he refuses to join them, since he sees no point in being involved with them. He will go along with things because the others are for them (like resurrecting Superman, despite him having “leveled the city” the last time he got mad). At times, he loses control over his emotions.

Enneagram: 5w6 sp/sx

Victor spends a lot of his time alone and doesn’t bother to engage with the real world until he figures out how he can serve it best through using his hacking skills to benefit others. He withdraws from humanity out of a sense of alienation and being different, but has no doubts about his own decisions and stands by them, even when others do not want to go along with him or agree with him. He thinks they can take it or leave it. But he also is loyal to his father, even though he’s angry at him for “saving” him and turning him into a robot, enough to want to save his life and make every attempt to undo any of the bad he feels he has done in the process. Victor initially wants nothing to do with the League, but only comes into it when he decides it’s the right thing to, and then finds a sense of security in working with others (even if he doesn’t need them).