Phoebus is attentive to his environment. He notices Esmeralda dancing in the street as soon as he arrives in Paris, and helps her escape the guards by distracting them and pretending to be lost. He then picks up the coins she dropped and returns them to her, though she’s dressed as an old woman. He gets caught up in the excitement of the moment of her dance, and is aroused by it. He notices her sneaking into the church and goes after her, to warn her to claim sanctuary in order to make her safe. Later, he rushes into a burning building to save a family from death, then seizes and tries to escape on Frollo’s horse. He also notices Quasimodo’s obvious affection for Esmeralda, and pushes her toward him. Though he obeys the rules Frollo sets for the most part, Phoebus often figures out ways around them – he urges Esmeralda to claim sanctuary, knowing that is one way she can defy the judge and stay alive. He sees Quasi’s potential as her guardian and praises him for his friendship to her, knowing it will keep her safe. He thinks quickly on his feet most of the time, reacting as things happen. He shows a lot of tert-Fe, however. He loves to banter and flirt, in an attempt to get people to like him. He freely expresses his true feelings to people, and about them (“Look at that disgusting display,” his boss growls; and he retorts, “YES, Sir!!”). When Frollo sets fire to the famous cathedral, he rouses the peasants into protecting her, by using Fe language (Frollo has lain waste to OUR city…will we stand for it?). Being Fe, he’s also more aware of Quasi’s delicate feelings for “the gypsy girl” and sensitive toward him. His inferior Ni is poor at determining the “secret” of the “woven band.” He throws out various absurd theories that Quasi shoots down as impossible.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sx

Phoebus has a playful attitude and approach to life. He uses mockery and pulling rank, feigning confusion, to baffle a couple of guards and help Esmeralda escape. He tries to make inroads with Quasimodo with a strong sense of humor and by cracking jokes. Even when he’s about to die, he is somewhat amused by the entire thing. He banters and compliments Esmeralda when they are fighting inside the church, attempting to flirt with her. But his 6 wing is also aware of power structures and his place within them. He does not defy Frollo until the man orders him to burn alive an innocent family. Then, he defies him. He feels uneasy not having people like him, and tries to appeal to them on a personal level (“She’s fortunate to have a friend like you”).